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We usually dine later on week nights, like 7′ish. My appetite by then is like famished!! I find if I’m in one of my hollow-leg modes I can eat like a buzz saw and down a 13 ounce steak as fast as you can say Karlovy Vary!! I have a few tips I use that help me from nibbling in meal-sized proportions before the actual meal.

  • Work in a snack about 30 minutes before it’s meal-prep time. Try a banana, a few nuts or some cherries. Have one item first and give it time to register. If you’re still really hungry, try something with protein in it.
  • I guzzle back 1 or 2 large glasses of water at this time as well, especially when I haven’t had much to drink for a few hours and it’s hot outside.
  • When preparing dinner I’ll admit to doing a bit of nibbling – a nosh of tomato or cucumber during the salad making. My kitchen window faces the street so I’m sure I’ve been caught red handed munching in broad daylight!!
  • I take a gauge of my hunger level with an eye to feel in control. Of course the hungrier I feel the less in control I am. Yes I will bite off your arm if you’re standing close-by, so beware :-(
  • I use one of those smaller plates Brian Wansink suggests in his Mindless Eating book. I fill it to the brim. It makes me feel like I have a healthy serving.
  • When my portion of meat comes off the barby I cut it in half, and put it in a tupperware container in the freezer right there and then. I KNOW I’ll eat the whole thing if I don’t do that.
  • I try to keep my eating pace reasonably slow. Remember, it takes 20 minutes for your tummy to tell your brain “I’m full” so wooooo horsey and take your time.
  • If I want more to eat, there’s always plenty of veggies – salad galore and potato medley.
  • And the song “I can’t get no, satisfaction” no longer rings true!!

Do you have some tried and true tips you’re willing to share??

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