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Craving a Sound Sound-Bite….

September 5th, 2014 1 Comment Tags: , , , , ,

I’m having some cravings lately, for sound, reliable nutrition information – a REAL sound bite. Not those trivial sound bites we’re inundated with on social media that simply add to confusion of the topic of food and nutrition. This week was the diet face-off between Low Fat versus Low Carb diets, what gives?

When I sit back and mull all of this over I remind myself that nutrition is not black and white but mostly grey zone. There are many nuances that don’t lend themselves to straight “yes” and “no” or 1-sentence answers.

I can hear the groans already when I tout the moderation message, yet again. Sorry folks but I’ll bang that gong until your ears ring and it sinks in! The reality is our bodies NEED fat and carbs and the entire array of macro and micronutrients every single day with fluids and fiber to boot. We need fat, but not too much. We need carbs, but not too much. This sort of messaging albeit sound and reliable doesn’t cut it in the “sound bite” department of the editors.

Sadly, I’m not surprised that consumers become so confused sometimes to the point of exasperation morphing into anti-nutritionists in combat. Actually, I can hear them now “…just tell me what I’m supposed to do already!”

What I suggest you do is find a few reliable nutrition sources with credible degrees and credentials then tune out all of the noise. Then sink your teeth into REAL sound bites to help you on your personal health quest to get and stay on track.

Don’t forget an important rule of thumb in the process, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is….

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High Action Thriller Filler

September 3rd, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Another interesting study has been published by the Cornell Food & Brand Lab led by Dr. Brian Wansink. This time this savvy research team looked at various types of TV programming paired with eating. They found that people eat double while engrossed viewing a high action thriller, compared with watching a talk-show. They had the same findings whether they used M & M’s or with veggies. They also found people still ate 36% more when the volume was nixed on the thriller program. Hmmmm.

All of this got me thinking more deeply about eating with distractions which led me to impart 1 main message, and that is to avoid paired eating activities especially those involving TV viewing of any kind. One of the articles I read mentioned how it would be a good way to get “non veggie eating kids” to eat their veggies – NOT! That is a slippery slope of a strategy NOT to consider EVER as this would indelibly ingrain this bad habit.

Numerous studies have been done looking at eating with distractions that show time and time again that viewers can eat so much more mindlessly. Think about it folks, we’ve all been caught at one time or another eating with distractions whether it was a mother-load-tub of popcorn at the movies or noshing while working. Instead of focusing on the wonderful food, taste and eating experience your focus is elsewhere and that’s just a crying shame because eating enjoyment is one of life’s simple pleasures.

The take away message on this is to avoid eating with distractions at all costs, whether it’s TV viewing, driving, working. Prepare a plate of fab food, sit down at a table, eat and enjoy!

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Make Over My Mac

September 1st, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , ,

I was invited to attend the Mac & Cheese chef competition – the 2014 edition of the Grate Canadian Cheese Cook Off held at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto last week. I’d travel far and wide for my cheesy love affair and made the trek on transit. The event didn’t disappoint. I was thoroughly entertained. For me, the winner was my culinary imagination and my tastebuds! Here’s the line-up of entries:

Winner: Crispy Greens Mac & Cheese by chef Andrew Farrell
This entry and competition winner put punched in my pucker featuring four Dutchman cheeses, a very delish dish.

T & T Winner (my choice) (see photo): Dressed Up Wild Mushroom Mac & Cheese by chef David Bohati
My winner’s choice taunted and tantalized my senses with the delicate truffle oil aroma to the creamy and elegant Mornay sauce featuring Sylvan Star Smoked Gouda.

The Goddess Mac & Cheese by Bal Arneson
A smooth take to remake your Mac with an Indo-Canadian twist with silky Poplar Grove Camembert that was truly sophisticated and delightful.

Brooklyn Style Mac & Cheese by “the big cheese” Kevin Durkee
This was no “manga-cake” Mac with the infusion of Italian influences including garlic, herbs, sausage, use of ricotta and Bocconcini that’d make my Mom open to trying it!

This Grate cook off added inspiration to the traditional soulful Mac & Cheese dish we know and love. I make my Mac with some sautéed onions, pancetta with a punch of Asiago and Scooby-doo noodles. I’m poised and ready to try each of these recipes over the coming months. First up though, I’m planning to take a walk on the wild side by trying David’s Mushroom Mac soon.

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