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A Starchy Reception & Misconception

September 29th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I’m attending a starchy reception today. Really! I am flying hither to none other than Idaho for the potato harvest, hosted by the Alliance for Potato Research and Education. Boy am I lucky, talk about Spudnik Love!

I have had potatoes on the brain of late, so I adorned an Indian Summer BBQ with my favourite roasted spuds that are even better than those served at the Publican Restaurant in Chicago, MmmMmMmMmmmm.

There have been starchy misconceptions about the healthfulness of these uber-tubers. They may have been in and out of vogue over the years but they have always been a staple in my home. Good nutrition is ALWAYS in fashion! One medium sized tater is a good source of fibre, vitamins C, B6 and potassium with a large dollop of taste satisfaction that we all crave. Be mindful of how they’re prepared.

If you’ve been doing the proverbial dance of the veils with Mr. Potato-head, give in already! Potatoes are a favourite no matter your age, delish and economical: a perfect combination to keep this staple served up every season!

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Any Day Musings

September 26th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

Time ticks on
It whizzes past
What do you do with it
To make memories last?

Days filled up with
To-do’s galore
Does it leave you feeling like
You’re longing for more?

The sparrows flutter
In the yard close by
The barn swallows lunge
Then soar to the sky

The waterfall trickles
In the Kettle Valley below
A rainbow arcs
For a wish to bestow

A friend who appreciates
A kind word and deed
Special time together
Without rush or speed

Taking stock each day
To appreciate
All the blessings we have
With priorities straight

Breaking bread together
Clinking glasses to cheer
Finding simple things to celebrate
Any time of year!

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Have a Happy New Year – Shana Tova!

September 24th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

A good friend of mine sent me this photo of her mother-in-law’s Rosh Hashana dessert from years passed. I think it’s still in her tum-tum digesting. How innocent can the sport of whipping up a master dish like this be? Apparently, not very!! Dessert-making for HER Mother Dearest is an olympic sport. Dare I post this into my “Food Revolution Recipes” section. Nay nay I say!

I am told it’s based on the idea of the innocent cheddar cheese ball served with crackers. We are all familiar with this happy appi, right? Only this is the dessert version with decadence infused to the MAX. This is a cheese-ball morphed into a cheeseCAKE ball. Now you’re talkin’!  Yes, seriously. It is cheesecake and chocolate chips coated in Skor bars, served with Nilla Wafers. Oy oy oy he shoots he Skors!!  Let me get my endocrinologist and dentist on speed-dial. I’m told it was SOOOOO sweet the family has a permanent pucker on their faces today.

I compare this to the high-pitched dog whistle, so high that we mere humans can’t hear it, but the dogs come running. Well this sweetness factor is so high-pitched all the honey bees in her neighbourhood have their little honey bee faces stuck up on the dining room window trying to get at it. Ok and so Bubby wins the gold medal in the dessert making contest. Congratulations Bubby! If your pancreas was in borderline functioning condition before noshing on this, it will certainly be in overdrive after.

What can I say – viva Velveeta! Happy New Year! Shana Tova! I love a family celebration…Jess I’ll make you this next year! :-)

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Fall 5 Ways

September 22nd, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Let’s hear it for fall. Yes folks, that time of year when Mother Nature inspires us with the harvest and her artistic palate. It’s a perfect time to shift your thinking and fall for some fresh new approaches.

Fall Back – Get back to basics with the horn of plenty of produce available at your grocery store or farmer’s market. Get your 5 – 10 a day of fruits and veggies with loads of easy picks.

Fall Forward – Start now to make goals to keep you progressing to a healthier you. Aim to make one, two or three goals at a time on your food and activity to ramp up your momentum.

Fall Aside – Discard some of those old habits that get you using the drive through too often.

Fall Off – Get yourself into being a leader and not a follower of what everybody else is doing. Ditch the diet du jour and find a horn of plenty of ideas in my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books to motivate you.

Fall In – Follow what the successful weight losers do and get inspired by their stories and testimonials from my book.

Stay in the moment folks and enjoy everything this new season has to offer. Fall in love with fall!

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Add a Dash of “Creation” to ReCREATION

September 19th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , ,

I read an article in the newspaper on why our local parks aren’t being used as much as intended and what the city can do about it. Hmmmm, I wondered. They thought perhaps we need to add elements to the areas to add interest and entice usage. At which point I put the paper down and scratched my head in wonder….. good grief!

I gave this more thought and reminisced about back in the day, that your park is what you make of it. Just add a ball, for example. You can kick it, hit it, bounce it, double dribble it, throw it, run with it and more. The skies the limit really, don’t you think?? What’d be really great is if parents limited their kids screen time and sent the kids outdoors to play and just be kids. Trust me, they will figure it out and you might just need to fight with them to get them back in the house.

The best part about free play is the “creation” part. From a young age, kids these days get accustomed to new-fangled, high-tech games where you use more of your thumb power than your brain power. Try giving kids a clean slate in an open park and allow them to just have fun with it. That’ll put the CREATION back in ReCREATION in no time!!

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New Shoes

September 17th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Bought some new shoes
That I’m gonna use
To get me around
No more making an excuse

A new gift to me
New model arrived Friday
Light, sturdy and slick
Fun to help me do my shtick

Got a headache from all the spin
A wall of shoes, where do I begin?
Just wanna walk without pain
Get me through heat, sleet and rain

Choices galore
Every colour and more
Rocker sole and higher heel
Bigger toe box is part of the deal

Finally chose a pair
Can hardly wait to wear
To take me near and far
My goal? Time to raise the bar!

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Gotta New Drug….Yet Again…

September 15th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I heard that the FDA just approved yet another new weight loss drug, sigh. Perhaps it should have been called Burn-Off-Alot! We live in a land where anything seems possible. We assume someday someone else will find something to help solve our dilemmas. The proverbial “they”….. Alas, “they” and we already know the solution to this problem – burn more calories than you consume, repeat day after day, month after month until your weight is where it ought to be? It’s reality, albeit a harsh one for some.

We can compare life to a game of Snakes and Ladders. Remember that one? You roll the dice, hit a good tile with a ladder on the game board and move ahead a bunch of spaces…get a bad roll and you hit a snake and fall behind a bunch of spaces. Well a drug like this is like hitting the tile with the snake that really looks like a ladder, which eventually turns into a snake. Got it? Every miracle weight loss solution is the same. Not a ladder to success but a snake of a deal wrought with failure….eventually.

I find the most unfortunate part of this is that the user bares the brunt of the problems and feels something’s wrong with THEM when they yo-yo to lose then regain weight. How disheartening! The only thing wrong with this notion is the search for a miracle solution when there isn’t one.

The other thing we need to remember is we live in a land where ultra-slimness is idolized. I’m not sure if we even know what “normal weight” looks like if we bumped into it. I don’t know about advertisements you see, but the ones I see are chocked full of images of skinny wenches. Aren’t yours? Anorexia nervosa is NOT in, nor has it ever been. We’d all be better off finding a realistic comfortable weight to shoot for then stay there. Check out what the range of weight for your Body Mass Index is at the link in the right margin, be realistic and take it from there.

I can hear the laundry list of disclaimers already:

Burn-Off-Alot works best when you follow a 1,200 calorie/day diet and exercise 30-60 minutes/day. Avoid all fast food drive thrus while using Burn-Off-Alot. Avoid eating pillow sacks of junk food in front of the TV, especially after midnight or any serving the size of your head while taking Burn-Off-Alot, except a head of lettuce. Drink enough fluids while taking Burn-Off-Alot. Jumbo Slushies do not qualify as one of these fluids. Burn-Off-Alot may cause sensations of satiety (i.e. feelings of fullness) so stop eating when you feel this sensation. Keep out of reach of children, especially the skinny ones….

The next thing we know the competition will launch False-Hope-to-Slim then Skinny-Genie-Tonic with the claim “magic in a bottle”. Whatever you do, don’t fall for it….

Want more juicy details about what not to try with practical, real-life suggestions of what TO try, get my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books.

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Colour Your World

September 12th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

Don’t you just love watching the leaves turn colour this time of year? As Mother Nature colours our world, consider adding more colour to yours… on your plate and in your lunch bag. The rainbow of fruits and veggies add a wide array of nutrients with health sustaining benefits that really taste great!

What’s Up Doc? – Add veggies to your lunch bag such as a bunch of crunchy carrots.

Paint the Town Red – Make a tantalizing tomato sauce batch to stir things up a bit.

Get Green with Envy – Steam some raging rapini to perk up your dinner repertoire.

Be a Purple People Eater – Enjoy purple plums in season as a perfect snack or meal accompaniment.

Orange is the New Black – Whip up an old orange smoothie to enjoy as a snack or with a muffin for a fast breakfast.

The healthfulness of these colourful foods elevates them to the super food stratosphere while tantalizing your tastebuds… not to mention, they fill you up. Paint your own impressionist creation at meals and snacks to please all of your senses and ratchet up your nutrition.

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Press Start, Press Pause, Press Stop

September 10th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

Everything is so “back to school” these days. I love this time of year. It’s a perfect time to review, reflect and reframe your routine. Wouldn’t you agree? You don’t need to wait until the New Year. Like I always say, any day is a perfect day to make a positive change. Here are some ideas to consider starting, stopping and hitting the pause button:

Press Start

Trying A New Fruit or Veg Weekly – Take a walk on the wild side and try a new fruit or vegetable each week. You might just surprise yourself and discover a new favourite.

Dressing for Dieting Success – Make a pact to dress presentably for your age and shape each day then see how divine it makes you feel, through and through.

Finding 5’s – Having trouble fitting 30 to 60 minutes of activity at one time each day? You’re not alone! Break it down into 5, 10 or 15 minute intervals and watch them add up throughout your day as you do them.

Press Pause

Before Adding Salt or Sugar – Try your food before inundating it with salt or sugar. Give your taste receptors a workout and experience how devilishly delicious natural food really is, yum…..

Before Taking Seconds – In the habit of dishing up more than you should chew? Try serving dinner on a smaller plate, slow down your eating pace while upping your taste sensing then cue in on your degree of fullness.

Before You Pour - Think about your caloric drinks and remind yourself about what you’re going to pour down your gullet is food too! Consider swapping in a no cal drink in its place, except if you’re drinking milk.

Press Stop

On Negative Self Talk – Easy does it cowgirl and talk kindly of yourself to yourself. We’re often our own worst critics. Time to get positive!

Relying on the Drive Thru – Get out of the habit of picking up fast food and choose to drive by the drive thru trying some fast and easy, good for you recipes at home.

Cutting into Your Sleep Time – Make sure you get your full zzzzz quota to help you be as productive as possible. You will eat better too.

So there you have it folks, some ideas to tweak your behaviour as we change the season again and spring into fall….

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Happy Feat….

September 8th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I found myself in one of those big box sports stores shopping for shoes for a kinesiologist I know. Let me tell you, you need to keep your wits about you before you arrive at the Wall-O-Shoes because you might just forget what activity you needed them for. Do you need shoes for walking, jogging, hiking, biking, jumping, cross training, dancing, climbing, sacheing, sauntering, wandering?? Really folks there is something for every movement you might ever plan to make and then some!

I got that glossed over look early in the going distracted by the splashes of colour rather than form and supposed function. Is being active really that complicated? As I stood at that wall it crossed my mind that if a Marsian landed on Earth and moseyed into this store they would assume that ours is a society of super-fit custodians. Hmmm, I thought, we’re a society of chronic sitters who are now heading in to couch potato harvest season for the masses…. sadly.

I remember when my Dad brought my sis and me to the store for our first pair of jogging shoes, actually used for jogging back in the ’70′s. We had 2 choices – Adidas and some other brand I can’t really remember. The ladies got the white with blue stripes and the men had the blue with white stripes. These did the trick for walking, sauntering, jogging, even hiking, gym class and more.

You know if we truly had a fit-nik society I’d be delighted to write about it and let the sea of shoes wash over my closet. But sadly, we don’t, yet the sea of shoes still swells.

I think on this Motivation Monday we ought to make a pact this season folks, to take out any and all kinds of sports shoes you own and USE each of them at least once a week for an hour. Deal?

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