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Thoughts on “Full”

June 30th, 2014 1 Comment Tags: , , , , , ,

I’ve been doing some thinking about the word “full” lately, hmmmmm. I found myself travelling again and wound up into a semi-annoyed state. It was a long hot day of trekking from point A to B to C and I was eventually waiting a while for my flight. A fellow’s voice over the PA said over and over “this flight is VERY full, blah blah blah….” Feeling like queen cranky pants I said under my breath, ok buddy either the flight is full or it isn’t full, what does “very full” mean in the context of travel?

Then I got to thinking about this same term “full” in context of eating, hmmmm. There certainly ARE shades of difference, from “almost full”, to “full” to feeling like a “stuffed sausage, kind of full”. What we’re really talking about here is fullness and satiety, being able to recognize that satiation is upon you then making a concerted effort to hit the “whoa horsey” button, put your fork down and stop.

In the context of eating, fullness and satiety are definitely a “grey zone” issue with many factors that can result in overdoing it on a more regular basis. Here’s some food for thought to help you ease into becoming “full”:

Slow as you Go – Yes it’s true folks, it takes 20 minutes for your stomach receptors to register fullness to your brain, so eating slowly is the name of the game. If you’re a fast eater, chances are you end up overdoing it regularly and experience that overstuffed feeling often. Slow down, you move too fast!

Choose to Chew – Make a switch from being a gobbler to a chewer. No you don’t need to chew your food a ridiculous number of times, but chew your food thoroughly, swallow, repeat…until full.

Savour the Flavour – One of the greatest joys of eating is experiencing the taste of fab food. When I see people eating on the run it makes me sad to think they’re really missing out on an everyday pleasure that’s so wonderful when we choose to savour the flavour.

Down with Taking Two – Some people think of having a second helping of their food without even finishing what’s on their plate. Learn to make an assessment of where your fullness gauge is before you automatically start taking seconds. Chances are you’ve had quite enough and you don’t need seconds.

Stop Right There! When you do feel that warm, comfortable feeling of fullness, put your fork down and push your plate away. If you’re used to regularly overeating this seemingly simple behaviour will take time to learn, but you will do yourself a huge favour when you do. If you’re hungry later, have a little snack!

If you want to take control of your eating and weight as you “fill UP” daily check out my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books with healthy and stealthy ideas to help you work this out.

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Summertime Scoop – Dump the Slump!

June 27th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

Looking to energize yourself this summer. Well look no further with a few hot tips!

Feeling sluggish in the afternoon?

Bottoms UP – You might not be drinking enough water throughout the day. Keep a full glass of water by your work side for the day and drink up.

Branch OUT – You may be getting a load of sugar after which time your blood sugar plunges. Balance out your meals and snacks and in addition to your carbs include protein, fat plus higher fiber carbs.

Scale BACK – You may be eating too big of a lunch. Do one of my Awareness is Bliss exercises and take stock of your serving sizes you choose and dial it back.

Jacked UP – You may be addicted to caffeine if your cupeth runneth over with cup after cup of coffee and caffeinated beverages. Wean yourself down so it doesn’t rule you.

Move IT – It might be time for a walk around your office & stretch to get the lead out and your circulation moving. Sitting is the new smoking, so dislodge yourself from your swivel chair and move that junk in your trunk hourly.

Reevaluate your routine and make a goal or two in a healthier direction.

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Taking Stock of Asparagus

June 25th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

As the produce department shifts into summer mode, fresh asparagus is there standing on guard for thee! This is one staple vegetable I have on hand that requires minimal fussing to steam while accompanying most any meal whether it’s a BBQ night, a pasta night with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top or diced in bite sized pieces in a salad or omelette. Asparagus soup is one of my fave’s too.

Who needs to drone on about all of the nutritional benefits when it tastes so divine, but I will share a few nuggets. A mere handful of these stocks provide 25% of your daily folate, not to mention B6 and Vitamin C, inulin. Why take all of the allure out of such a tasty food, but it’s good to know nonetheless?

If you don’t routinely stock up on this super veg, take stock and pick some up this week. They’re so easy to prepare you’ll wonder why you overlooked these spears of plenty. Enjoy!

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Smile a Mile Wide

June 23rd, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , ,

Welcome summer!
Not a bummer
Spent the weekend
At a wedding stunner

Tied the knot
Alicia & Andrew got
What it takes to endure
Love is deep and a lot

Been through thick and thin
And back again
Soul mates for life
Whether ease or strife

Family love endures
And that’s for sure
Whether near or far
Foundation’s pure

The longest day
Lightened with love sun-rays
Perfect start to the summer
They’re well on their way!

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Longest Day? Go Outside and Play!

June 20th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , ,

It’s the longest day
Of sun for play
So get outside
And plan to stay!

Get some fresh air
Without a care
To get moving
So enjoy and share!

Whether to garden
Ab crunches to harden
Those soften muscles
I beg your pardon!

Or take a walk
Catch up and talk
Stay out for longer
Mother Nature to stalk….

Let’s get in shape
It’s never too late
To shift your routine
Start now! Don’t wait!

Whether you hit the gym
With her or him
Treat your body as temple
And read Skinny On Slim!

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The Dr. Oz Cause! Snakeoil or the Real Deal??

June 18th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , ,

The twitter sphere was chirping about Dr. Oz’s grilling by a senate subcommittee. It got me mulling all of this over, hmmmm. The crux of the offensive dissed his use of the term “miracle” when featuring any new products on his show. I get steaming mad when experts use this approach and even more irate when consumers fall for them looking for fairy dust to solve a problem when there is none. Instead of boring you with those gory details, let’s get our head around how to spot a snake oil salesman and how to spot the real deal:

Street Cred – When you hear about any magical claim ask yourself what the credentials are of the source of the information. In this case Dr. Oz is an MD, a heart surgeon to be exact. I have had many “emperor’s new clothes” moments when I’ve heard him talk about an array of topics from clearing nasal congestion to analyzing your poop wondering why in heaven’s name is he going there, he’s not a GP. Experts ought to stick to what they know.

Backed by Evidence – If you are planning to ingest anything into your bodacious body consider why you would do that? Is it backed by scientific evidence, or are there just loose testimonials touting it? “Here ye, here ye, on the topic of weight management if food, activity, eating pattern, behaviour and psychology aren’t part of the equation to solve it, don’t give it another thought!”

How the Body Works – Consider the basics of how your body works. Remember what I often exclaim in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books – Don’t mess with the machine if it isn’t in-keeping with basic biology and physiology!!

Turn the Other Cheek & Save Your Moula – Every time you’re tempted to buy a magical remedy put these pennies in a piggy bank and spend it on a reward for yourself as you progress along your course to weight loss success, which I discuss in Chapter 6.

I have been fortunate to work with many fabulous professionals and MD’s in my career, including heart surgeons. It’s a great idea that each know the boundary around which they practice and avoid the fringes. I won’t be making any recommendations as an RD about putting in a stent, I promise!

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Daily Grind Rhyme

June 16th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

Another week has come and gone
The birds did chirp
The sun has shone

Decisions made to fill me up
A walk at dawn
My water cup

Of fruits & veg, 5 to 10 a day
And dairy too
Hey that’s ok!

Eating pattern to stay on track
3 balanced meals, plus
A few small snacks

Steer clear of fast food and of junk
That’s NOT real food
And adds to your trunk!

Protein at meals keeps hunger away
All those vit’s and min’s
And health will stay

Remember that your body’s your temple
And that’s a fact
Plain and simple

Keep building up your muscle mass
Being good and strong
Ups your thermostat

Nothing feels better than being fit
Everything you do
Makes a difference to it!

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Best Dad Anyone Has Ever Had!

June 11th, 2014 4 Comments Tags: , , ,

Our silent soldier
That family man
Committed and loving
The head of our clan

Taught with tough love
Leads with a soft heart
Glue of the household
Never tears us apart

Gruff outer shell
Yet sweeter than pie
Offers loads of encouragement
Has us reach for the sky

Proud as a peacock
Loves family time most
My Dad’s the best ever
I just gotta boast!

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To the Core

June 9th, 2014 1 Comment Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

I’ve been intending to change up my springtime mat routine, doing more mulling over, thinking, pondering, planning…. hmmmmm. You see, in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books I talk about activity and exercise, including my mat routine. It’s my 16 minute, every second day in to my hourglass. My personal muscle preservation project. My routine is comprised of lunges, squats, stretches, push ups, a floor routine of leg exercises, ab crunches and arm weights. Nothing too taxing, complicated or time consuming.

Muscle tissue is golden, being so metabolically active. Muscle is to our body is like lycra or spandex is to our clothes – it makes us look more svelte and trim. Moreover it makes us stronger to undertake everyday activities with greater ease. Being north of 50, holding on to this precious tissue and even building some is part of my overall goal. If I don’t work on this, my muscle mass will be in the decline, so I am controlling all that I can to hold on to what I’ve got!

I took some of my own advice lately. My adage of “awareness is bliss” and let it all hang out doing the mambo with the mirror – good grief. It looked like my ab’s have been on vacation, being a bit too relaxed of late. I got honest with myself and decided I needed to get back on my mat routine more regularly and take it up a notch or two.

I have read a few too many recommendations by kinesiologists about the benefits of doing burpees. It finally niggled away at my conscience. You know this horrid exercise – you hit the deck, thrust your feet back then forth and stand up again – ug. Many years ago when I trained for competitive tennis I remember doing this exercise. Since that time, I have established a love affair with my activity routine and realize I’m a little too cushy resulting in my more relaxed abs. So on this fine day after I finished my routine I added 10 repetitions of burpees and live to tell the tale.

Now that I have publicly declared starting these, I will report back occasionally on how they’re working for me. Time to up the ante on my core adding to my 16 minute investment into my hourglass. Stay tuned!

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In the Mood for this Fresh Fast Food!

June 6th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

I was meandering around the train station in Leipzig, Germany a short while ago and just so happened to stroll by a new outlet in among the fast food stalls. This one was different. How different you ask? It was chocked full of fresh fruits and veggies galore for those folks on the fly wanting to power up in the richest way possible. Check out every colour in the rainbow without food packaging other than the natural skins you find them in.

I love finding gem places like this that create a new mood for fresh fast food. People might not be partaking in their 5-10 servings a day of these nutritional powerhouses because they’re not readily available when away from home, as much as that other fast food is.

I couldn’t help myself and loaded up on a few to have on hand when afternoon hunger strikes, my first line of stealth snacking strategy to combat the tumble grumbles. It’s easier to make top choice snacking decisions when you act like a girl guide by being prepared!

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