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Fitness Grade Tanking? Go Outside and Play!

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This Friday’s “f” word is about fitness, or shall I divulge, a lack thereof….good grief. Yet another report card has been released on how poorly Canadian kids are doing in the fitness department. To spare you the gory details the results aren’t good, yet again. There has been a cultural shift to driving kids everywhere and sign the little beggars up for organized sports, leaving them lagging yet again on the everyday fitness front, what gives?

I wish the powers that be could give my Mom – that wooden spoon wielding Mother warrior, the official role of Chief Limit-Setting Officer of all the land. Her piercing decry “GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!” still rings in my ears from when I was young. As I write this, I’m yearning to get outside to get the cobwebs out after a long day of clickity clicking on my computer keys.

All of my school days included two walks to and from school – one in the morning and back for lunch, then back and forth again, a mile each way, neither uphill! My bicycle riding skills were on the wobbly side, but my legs worked pretty well. I never froze with the cold or melted with the rain and I live to tell the tale. Nor did I need a water bottle and snack. Just there and back again twice, like Bilbo Baggins.

Mom put tight limits on the boob-tube watching too, so I have fond memories of watching The Flintstones after lunch and Get Smart before dinner. In the evenings we went out to play when homework was done then back inside when the street lights came on. It was like clockwork.

We did get signed up for lessons for swimming, skating, tennis and the like but that filled other leisure time gaps.

Now north of 50 I have established a love affair with my activity as I explain in my ebook, Skinny on Slim, the Little Black Dress of Diet Books. It’s certainly not extreme, but more on the stealthy side where I sneak it in here and there, rarely missing a day. The bottom line is I do it and I enjoy it. No I don’t feel the burn, yet I do feel the yearn if I miss it!

I think my Mom’d be up for the job of Chief Limit-Setting Officer of all the land. She’s certainly a role model as a Mother of 4 way back when, all of us who continue to get out for our daily walks – doing our personal march of the penguins to today….
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Abstract Thinking….

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I visited the Stadel Museum of late while in Frankfurt. It got me thinking more abstractly about how obtuse I can be sometimes, hmmmm…. I love wandering around art galleries and museums. The inspiration from the creative works fills me up then settles deep into my bones.

Started off admiring the old greats from Renoir, Monet, Boticelli, then things got geometric when Picasso works appeared. There were interactive displays in some of the rooms, perhaps for the folks who feel the need to infuse themselves into the experience. I’m old fashioned I guess and am there to observe, enjoy and feel inspired. No, I refuse to lie down on the 4×4 plank of wood sideways on the floor in the middle of the room…

Then onto the modern section with lights beaming bright enough to do a photo shoot. There was a canvas painted entirely in black, another with stripes, one with a bunch of 1-foot long chop sticks protruding from the canvas that you might see on the ceiling of a guy’s dormitory, then I noticed a picture of a very long line hanging on the wall. I did a double take, thinking it was a bannister at first. I was left wondering what this masterpiece was called. Was it the “Starting Line”, perhaps the “Finish Line” or maybe the artist was a tennis player and it was the “Base Line” or “Service Line”, then things got a little bit giggly?! In one room was a yellow electrical cable hanging down from the light fixture on the ceiling, onto the floor into a spaghetti like pile. Hmmm, I thought maybe that’s called “Unfinished Work of the Electrician”…. perhaps it was…. tee hee.. Now I’m ready for Candid Camera to show up and get punked! Perhaps my laundry pile can pass as modern art.

Giddy and wandering, I finished meandering about then headed out for a walk by the river, then for some refreshing assorted fruit ices in an nearby square. I pondered more deeply about the modern art, especially that canvas painted only in black. I originally thought, “…humph, what nerve a person would have to paint such a picture and pass it off as a so-called masterpiece of art?” Then I thought “…well they DID do that and lo and behold, it’s hanging in a popular museum in Frankfurt!” Then I felt sheepishly about how obtusely reluctant I have been to fully promote my ebook, Skinny on Slim as my own professional art form of sorts. I could surely take a page out of that artist’s book for having such confidence. Sign me up for that chutzpa class, “how to stiffen your backbone and get more nerve in 10 easy steps!”

My thoughts shifted to our very lives. How each day we paint a proverbial picture as we meander through. Every deed and act, good or bad, small and grand, cowardly or confidently, all gets captured on our life’s canvas. What is yours looking like? Are you blending in timidly playing it safe or living life boldly and making a statement?

May your actions colour the canvas of your life inside the frame of your soul.

Thanks to the great artists of old – Renoir and Monet who have inspired me during my museum visit. And for the modern painter who pulled off his prank with the black canvas as a master piece and got me thinking differently. A final thanks to Hans Georg for suggesting to visit the museum. It filled me up on many levels! Aviteze

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Motivation Monday – Helen Made it to Slim Town

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I must say I have been floored by the generous spirit of people who have reviewed my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books as I aim to reach 30 reviews per book site. A most sincere thank you and a new plea to those of you still getting around to it. Please keep them coming!

I was rendered altogether speechless by a message by Helen and her review on Amazon and iTunes. You see, Helen is a colleague of the rock that I roll with. I recently learned that Helen lost 40 pounds after reading my ebook so I dropped her a line. Her words are still sinking in:

Hi Fran

Sorry this is slow in coming I was travelling the last weeks but you have been flagged in my in box!

Yes I am the big 40 … and yes (my colleague) is correct but he may have under estimated my enthusiasm! Your book is fantastic! I read it last June and decided I could follow your advice, setting the goal of dropping 40 pounds by my 40th birthday this April … I hit the goal by Christmas and maintained it ever since. …. I am going to think about the goal for 41 …. but have not decided what it is yet. :-)

Your book is so great, so easy and so relatable I hope everyone reads it. I am sorry you actually had to ask for help. I should have written the review long before! I have actually gone to the site to do so several times but really did not have the words to explain why it’s so great! There are so many books available that aim to motivate people and help them plan but your book really makes it make sense and makes it so manageable! It really is so incredible in my whole life I don’t think I have ever lost weight. I have had various ranges of consumption and activity but my weight/body has been either constant or increasing… I finally see evidence that I have control!

Thank you Fran I hope this book really takes off. It just makes so much sense!!!!

Kind regards,

I love hearing people’s weight loss success stories from Fat City to Slim Town. Helen is a new successful weight loser putting in the effort to be a Slimtownite. If you have a story to share about how Skinny on Slim made a difference for you, please drop me a line. It’ll be a great way to help motivate others, whether it’s Monday or any day!

If you keep floundering in the diet arena, maybe you need to approach this from a fresh new perspective. What are you waiting for? You’ll find a wealth of healthy and stealthy tips and tricks meaningful to you in YOUR life. Check it out!

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I CAN Get Some Sat-is-FACT-ion – Fibre & Satiety

May 23rd, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , ,

Oh fibre, that “f” word in the nutrition dictionary. It’s often met with an eye roll or a moan ‘n groan. I rarely write about fibre as it conjures up images of old folks adding that pure sawdust-like stuff to ultra high fibre cereal as an antidote to chronic constipation, ug.

Lighten up folks, I read about benefits of fibre for satiety. We all know that satiety is what we yearn for when we want to lose weight, that holy grail. Kind of like an oxymoron in the dieting lexicon – lose weight without hunger…. This particular study looked at beans, but hold the eye roll, really.

I much prefer to discuss your diet and what to eat in terms of food and meals using a lifestyle perspective rather than single elements or nutrients. My first rule of thumb is to eat food you love and keep an open mind. Take the noble kidney bean for example, I don’t like them on their own, but I love them in chilli or a 3-Bean salad with chick peas.

Focusing on breads and cereals – I love whole grain breads when I purchase a sliced loaf, but I don’t love a baguette like that. I do buy whole grain bread dough to make home made pizza though and I regularly serve whole grain dinner roles. I enjoy oatmeal each morning.

Now look at those 5-10 fruits and veggies each day. They are inherently fibre rich, but that’s not why I eat them each day. I love the sweetness of fruit added to my oatmeal, eaten as snacks and added to my green salad. They all punch up the flavour and have the side bonus of adding fibre. I love a variety of veggies each day, fresh, crunchy and delicious. I divulged in my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books my go-to lunch is made from a combination of 4 ready-made salads. One of these is always a type of bean salad, 1 is veggie, 1 is whole grain or pasta and the other is a mango and red pepper or sweet beet. All that can’t be beat, eaten with a single serve cottage cheese and one of yoghurt. Boy does that fill me up each day!

Adding nuts and seeds to your diet gives a yummy crunch to your diet plus that fibre automatically. I have told you many times that I add these to my morning oatmeal with fruit, enjoy as a snack when I need extra hunger reinforcement, plus on my green salad every night.

I never choose any food I feel I have to hold my nose and eat. No one ever expects you to either. But if you ARE looking to get some satisfaction to feel satiety every day consider getting all of those fruits and veggies that I rail on about, plus beans in some shape or form. These will fill you UP and never let you down and will help your inner plumbing every day.

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A Part of Me…

May 21st, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , ,

I found myself in flight again, watching the in-flight entertainment. This day I took a look at the TV documentaries and the Slow Food viewing choice piqued my interest. It required me to keep my reading glasses on because it was in Italian with English subtitles. There, a story unfolded about Carlo Petrini, the person who started the Slow Food movement decades ago in Italy.

I loved the romantic rhythmic Italian dialogue, despite the fact I couldn’t see all of the subtitles. I could certainly feel the passion. There was one part where Carlo was presenting to a group and joked that his Georgio Armani underwear costed more than the food he eats. He chided that his food ends up in his body, then as a part of him, while his underwear do not! It got me thinking more deeply about our intimate relationship with food to the extent that it ends up in each and every living cell of our bodies, hmmmmm.

Our body is a complex machine needing the entire array of vitamins, minerals, water and fibre to keep us running on all cylinders. And we need this on a regular basis, day in and day out. Keep this golden nutritional nugget in your noggin the next time you fathom to try a new fangled diet or cleanse that leaves out food groups, puts you in fasting mode or cleans you out leaving you more depleted that when you started. As I exclaim in my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books don’t mess with the machine!

Give that more thought and ponder it for a while. Think about what goes into your pie hole and down your gullet. Knowing that every morsel ends up in every cell of your being as a significant part of you, what are your cells full of? Are they full of an array of naturally nutrient rich choices that fill you up and never let you down? Or are they full of emptiness from the array of fast and highly processed food choices you make. This notion helps you realize that you certainly ARE what you eat. You have a choice about what you’re full of. Deep wisdom to gnaw on, that’s for sure….

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A Wee Favour…Please Post a Book Review for Skinny on Slim

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Ok folks I finally bit the bullet and am doing something I hate to do….I’m asking for a wee favour. I am asking you, yes you, to please go to any or all of the places my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books is sold and rate it. I don’t care what you write or how you rate it, but if you’ve taken the time to download it (and hundreds of you have), please take another moment to rate it AND while you’re at it, rate the ratings too. And ask a friend too…

Five stars or two stars
Loved it or hated it
Please go to the book sites and
Take the time to rate it!

Here are some handy links and tips to guide you to the various book sites where it’s available:

Here’s the link. Fast and easy to do, plus you can rate the ratings too.

Bring up iTunes on your various Apple device, got to the iTunes Store, then to “books”. In the “search” section paste in Skinny on Slim and my book will appear, among others with similar titles, click on the book cover and follow the instructions to rate it.

Here’s the link. I believe the steps are similar to Amazon.

Barnes & Noble
Here’s the link. I believe the steps are similar to Amazon.

Here’s the link.

Here’s the link. This is a site you can sign up for that provides you access to a numerous numbers of books. Paste the title in the search bar for Skinny on Slim to come up.

I lowered the price this spring to help get the word out as a great warm weather refresher to tone our habits and tush at the same time. I’m aiming to get about 30 ratings per site. Please share this with a friend to help me establish my goal, won’t you?

A most sincere “thank you” for all who helped already by writing a review, provided advice, rated comments and/or told a friend about it. I am most grateful for your support.

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Long Weekend Eating Land Mines

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Ahhh it’s that time of year again when the long weekends are upon us and the living is easy. Life according to those beer commercials is simple, just take that jump off the rock into the lake…. NOT. A lot of planning goes into these weekends and if you want to come out the other side relatively unscathed where your eating is concerned, time to listen up. Planning is essential. Here are some words of wisdom to help you maximize your enjoyment and minimize post weekend gains. Take stock and enjoy.

Be Realistic – in making your goals for the long weekend. If you honestly think you’ll be nibbling on Wasa crackers, cherries and yoghurt for the next few days give your head a shake. When the Dove bars find their way down to the dock, you might throw all caution to the wind and blow your unrealistic plans out your ear. It’s all about finding balance in partaking is some of the indulgences.

Be Prepared – just like a Girl Guides without the hideous uniform! If you’re heading away with a group, take some control by bringing food you enjoy, that still fits into your regimen. If you’re too extreme, the saboteurs will be all over you like white on rice.

Find Your Center – by finding some quiet time. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of finding solitude amongst all the noise and flurry of activity even if you find yourself at a quiet lake. I don’t care where you find it – in the woods, in the out-house, in the car, in the lake or in your room. Doing this helps you plan, cool your head, regroup and relax.

Think Before you Pour – when happy hour begins. For some, every hour is happy hour, it would seem. It’s nice to partake in the fun, but remember drinks, especially alcohol, have calories too. Say hands down to bottoms up occasionally and work in some bubbly….mineral water that is.

Take a Jump in the Lake – and do some activities YOU enjoy. Are you the one who does all the planning for everyone?? It’s your long weekend too. Enjoy yourself.

Keep it Real – with the activities you plan to partake in, whether it’s rock climbing, water skiing, hiking, etc. If you have a sedentary job like me scaling a rock might be a bit ambitious. You might end up with an injury or two which’ll set you 3 steps back on your exercise regimen. Just like landing on a snake on the Snakes and Ladders game of old. Trust me. For many of us those glory days are over doing barefoot water skiing, one handed. Keep your head and ego in check so you don’t find yourself crawling out of bed when the weekend is over.

Tune in to Your Cues – with hunger and satiety occasionally. Ok it’ll probably be the last thing on your mind, but thinking about this once in a while might save you from polishing off the last of the Krispy Creams.

You want your long weekend to begin and end with a big Whoooo-Hooo not a big Booo-Hooo with your stomach sticking out a country mile and your rings not fitting because you’re retaining too much water. Planning ahead makes good sense. You’ll be glad you did once the weekend’s over. Have a super time!

Take a sneak a peak of Chapter 9 in Skinny on Slim The Little Black Dress of Diet Books for healthy and stealthy tips to help you through life’s curveballs and challenges for this and every long weekend, plus life’s usual difficult eating scenarios.

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Pulp non-Fiction, Think About Your Drink!

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While grocery shopping recently I mistakenly wandered up and down the seemingly mile-long beverage aisles, zigging and zagging the river of empty calories that flowed in those parts, swoooosh. Ok folks I haven’t railed on about what we drink in a long time. Since warmer temperatures are sneaking up on us, I thought I’d plant the seed of drinking wisdom in your noggin before you stock up at a grocery store near you.

The plethora of bevy’s that have infiltrated our lives are staggering from hot beverages, to cold, to bubbly, to flat. I say it’s time we wake up on this and dial it back, don’t you think?

Fruit Fix – Fruit juice and drinks have a health halo like no other. They tantalize your sweet-loving taste buds but fall flat on the fiber front and more. Get in the habit of eating your fruit rather than drinking your fruit. It’s way too easy to guzzle back a few 8 ounce glasses of juice which adds up to 4 fruit servings. Eating fruit helps fill you up and never lets you down. Nix that fluid fruit juice fix now!

Burst of Effervescence - How I love to rail on about soda – pop goes the weasel! Oh ye sweetened vat of food calorie nothingness that makes me crave gallons upon gallons, glug, glut, glug. It’s time to cave to the craving and put a lid on this nasty habit. Choose mineral water instead and add mint, lemons, limes or even a freshly cut cucumber and keep jugfuls in your fridge.

Blender Bender – If you are a ole smoothie lover, make a U-turn at the fast food smoothie counter and make a vat of your own. Add fruit, yogurt, skim milk and more to create a perfect fast and hearty meal or snack. Check out my Food Revolution Recipe section for a few smoothie recipes.

Caffeine Kick – Do you wonder why you and/or your kids count so many sheep at night trying to fall asleep? Maybe it’s the caffeine that has infiltrated your drinking repertoire that’s keeping you up at night, a baaaaahd habit indeed. Awareness is bliss remember! Evaluate how much your getting and cut back if you’re indeed overdoing it.

White Wonder – Milk is a white knight of beverages that is so versatile and nutrient rich it’s ridiculous. Kick hunger and nutrient emptiness to the curb with this bold bevy and include it at mealtimes every day.

Are you now soaking up some beverage wisdom? Read more about this in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books. Before you stock up on liquid emptiness for the whole family think about your drink and be wise without compromise!

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Get Soaring with Skinny on Slim Healthy & Stealthy Tips!

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Making small changes in your eating, lifestyle and activity add up in your favour with many healthy and stealthy examples outlined in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books. Many people think when they change everything they’re doing that this will help them lose weight. Well it might help in the short term. But it’s difficult to sustain in the long term. I say there are enough challenges in life, why make it so difficult for yourself. Take a few baby steps at a time and you’ll be soaring in no time!

Eat the Best First
Do a 180 change to your approach to eating. Many people often leave the best food morsel for the last bite. What you end up doing is tuning out of your satiety cues and focusing on that savoury last bite. With the serving sizes morphing to tropo grande these days do yourself a favour and change your approach – eat the yummiest morsel on your plate first. When you feel full stop.

Take Back Your Spare Time
We think we live in a time starved era. But think about how much time slips through our fingers. Work on being the master of your own timekeeping domain. Start with weaning down on any excess TV watching. Focus on your favourite shows, then use that in-between time to work in some extra activity, perhaps. Better yet do some dovetailing with your time and do some exercises while you’re watching the tube. When you do this you are less likely to have food in your family room which is also a good behaviour to work on i.e. not eating while watching TV. Look at all of the calories you’ll burn, and others you will save….

Another strategy is to take time when you eat by savouring your food by thoroughly chewing it. How often do you find yourself hurrying through meals and snacks, neglecting the full enjoyment of your food by woofing it down? When you do-the-chew you will not only UP the enjoyment factor of eating but you will begin feeling full sooner. You may become more discerning when you learn to make it a habit to taste your food and ultimately reach for more wholesome food more often. When you take time to really taste your food fully you’ll realize that junk food leaves a bad after taste in your mouth and makes you feel ug-ish shortly after eating it….really.

Want a Waist?
Forget “waste not want not” – aim your focus ON your waist. Aim to eliminate wearing elasticized waist bands and loose clothing to take your focus off your waist and put some focus ON it. When it’s meal and snack time make sure you’re wearing something fitted and get out of the habit of loosening your belt. Not only should you feel better with what you’re wearing but this should heighten your realization of feeling full sooner. Who would have thunk?!

If you have tried year after year to focus solely on your food, consider changing your approach to how you eat and change some ingrained behaviours on your journey.

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Mom, Our Chief Beyond Belief!

May 7th, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

Thought I’d get a jump start posting my message for my Mom for Mother’s Day and let this stand through to the weekend. Don’t forget to spoil yours, they certainly all deserve a medal, especially mine!

Chief silent soldier
Always there as a character molder

Chief Rock of Gibraltar
Good deed doer, can never falt her

Chief cheer leader
Our own dream believer

Chief wardrobe matcher
Our personal outfit dispatcher!

Chief ego booster
And our confidence juicer

Chief limit setter
Because of this we’re better

Chief chef extraordinaire
Everything made with loving care

Chief loving home creator
My Super Mom, no one is braver!

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