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New Leaf

April 7th, 2014 No Comments

It’s April time
Am feeling fine
Time to turn a new leaf
And stop the whine

Start something new
A new habit or two
Time to turn a new leaf
Lose a pound or two

Try to walk more steps
With no more shleps
Time to turn a new leaf
No more kvetch

When spring has sprung
Bird songs are sung
Time to turn a new leaf
A new page has begun

Yes it’s April now
Time to find out how
Turning a new leaf
Will make you feel like WOW!

I love turning over a new leave or two or three…..

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Howling About The Werewolf Diet!

April 4th, 2014 No Comments Tags: ,

After 26 years of working in the nutrition world I thought I heard everything. But no, in comes the New Year with, wait for it, the Werewolf Diet – aHooooo! I love entertainment, but let’s compartmentalize that for television and the cinema, shall we, and leave our dinner plate and diet alone?!

Oh mother MacCree, this nutty nosh less-fest claims to have some connection related to the tides of the ocean given we and the ocean have something in common – lots of water, and for some of us, more during certain times of the month…. Apparently the basic version called the basic moon diet (add the adjective “luny” if you like) is to have a 24-hour fast day. Well folks time to press that buzzer of refusal and ridiculousness – bzzzzz. You know what I always say about a diet with a “fast” – that’s the speed you run in the opposite direction FROM it and FAST.

Ok so we just had a chuckle about something so absurd – the Werewolf Diet. Read my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books and do some howling over my sarcastic humour in that, but there are pearls of wisdom throughout :-)

Check out the review of Skinny on Slim featured on web-magzine Canadian Health & Lifestyle.

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Off Their Rocker!

April 2nd, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

I was doing some international travel of late and had a read of the Wall Street Journal. I was both amazed and confused when I read an article about a 79 year old “Auntie Su” from China. A while back she and a group of fellow retirees started a dance group in a nearby outdoor square. Ahhh how a thought of a bunch of seniors bogeying down like it’s 1959 did my heart good and made my day….

Apparently in China there’s another new group stirring up controversy: middle aged and retired city dwellers dancing together in parks and squares. Unfortunately others are squaking about all of the racket and making a stink. To that Auntie responds “Are we just supposed to sit around and wait for death?” Good point Auntie!

Talk about rad role models who are far from wall flowers. Let’s make some noise for all of the racket they’re making, fun they’re having and exercise they’re doing. I think those complaining about the noise ought to join in for a few tunes so they’ll change theirs!

I say let’s join in with these elders who are off their rockers and onto the dance floor, bravo!

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