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Mindfulness is Always in Style, Awareness is Bliss!

January 8th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , ,

Amidst the array of New Year banter I read that “mindfulness was back in vogue” this year, hmmmmm. This is one of life’s principles that should always be in vogue and it should never fall out of style like bell bottoms of old.

Whether you want to eat better, live better, appreciate where you are in life and those around you, you need to work on being in the moment every day. I’ve had some down time in California lately taking in the gleaming coast, the towering redwood forests and fabulous wine country plus delectable tastes of the area. It’s so easy to check out of Mother Nature’s finer moments pondering your to-lists for work, home and more then miss the pink cotton candy clouds in the sky or those 5 stealth hawks soaring in the breeze or that water spout of a feisty dolphin out in the distant waters or the mellowing aromatics of a mammoth pine that fills up your senses.

If you can only get your head around making one change this year being more mindful as it relates to your eating and drinking this year, could bring a wide array of benefits. Try slowing down your eating and focusing on what you put into your pie hole – the taste, the texture, that flavour burst, a zesty crunch. After an hour of eating focus on how that food makes you feel. Do you feel energized and pumped to take on the world? Or do you feel lethargic, need a nap or a polar vortex mint to get that ultra processed yucky taste out of your mouth?

I describe upping your entire eating experience and putting your favourite food to this ultimate test in my e-book e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books and talk about Awareness is Bliss. I dare say that as you become more mindful and aware of your food and how it makes you feel, you’ll automatically start to make better changes that’ll result in a healthier you.

This one simple goal can bring the most richness to every layer of your life. Embrace it today!

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Propel To Change All Year, Do’s & Don’ts

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Well folks you know where I stand on this topic of making New Year’s resolutions. In two words I don’t. What’s so magical about January 1st anyways? If this is your only day to make a plan and check it twice you’ve got an excuse to be naughty and not nice the whole year before pulling up your socks until next New Year’s – nay nay. Any day is a good day to make a goal to better yourself. Start by reading my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books and check out Chapter 9. I thought I’d make a list of ideas for you to consider now and to refer to the whole year though.

DO – Aim to get more active every season of the year.

DON’T – Eat with distractions, especially in front of the TV.

DO – Work toward having more meals together as a family.

DON’T – Start any fad diet and read Skinny On Slim.

DO – Try a new easy, healthy recipe every few weeks and aim to cook and eat at home more.

DON’T – Weigh yourself every day. You’ll go batty.

DO – Talk with your fellow employees about making your workplace healthier this 2014.

DON’T – Eliminate your favourite foods, you’ll just crave them like crazy.

DO – Plan to make food choices using all of the food groups.

DON’T – Follow the crowd, follow your own inner voice and plans.

DO – Take the RealAge test once per year. It’s VERY insightful.

DON’T – Make excuses. Trust me, there are people worse off than you, so tune your attitude in.

DO – Get in the habit of reading food product labels. Knowledge is power.

DON’T – Change your plans like the wind changes direction every time the news reports on a different study.

DO – Make your annual physical check up and dentist visit. Stay on top of things because prevention is key.

DON’T – Take anecdotal advice. Just because Aunt Jane is a smart accountant, doesn’t mean she knows squat about nutrition.

DO – Work in small rewards and love yourself more.

DON’T – Aim for perfection. That’s as unrealistic as the hills are old.

DO – Work on looking and feeling better. You may do better when you feel great.

Ok, so there you have it,  some food for thought as we propel ourselves to the New Year. Make it the best one yet!

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It’s New Years!

January 1st, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

It’s New Year’s now
Gonna make a vow
To change somehow
Start with my chow?

Try more whole grains
Do something good for my brain
Been really feeling drained
Got a lot to gain!

Time to move that junk
That’s filled up my trunk
And stop buying that bunk
Get out of a funk

Work on my attitude
To put me in a better mood
By eating much better food
That’ll make me feel good!

Wear clothes that make me feel great
Watch my posture and sit up straight
Sport a smile, choose love not hate
Will garner a better fate

This New Year it’s time to begin
A better outlook to win
Lose that tire and double chin
Re-read and rate Skinny on Slim!

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