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Energy boost?

November 6th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , ,

It would seem the topic of energy boosting is on people’s minds these days. Perhaps after Halloween we’ve been living in the Land of the Zombies, what gives?! I’ve seen articles and tweets about magical drinks, drops and elixirs. How many times have you seen that  5-Hour Energy Drop ad? One hundred too many times, that’s how many, now I’m ready to rant!

I get really sick and tired of companies creating quick fixes that steal your money and claim to do magic whether it’s a drink, magical drops or elixirs. I see it everywhere – boy those product placement guru’s have done their homework, so don’t get taken. This is the season to feel a bit run down – the days are getting shorter, the temperatures have dipped and dived, the Halloween sugar rush has ended (let’s hope) and the Holiday season is a ways away still. Who doesn’t feel tired day in and out or from time to time?

When you feel you need a boost ponder over my list to see what your REAL issue is:

  • Is it meal time and you’re still working? Try to get a better handle on your schedule and don’t skip meals.
  • Is you tummy rumbling in-between meals. Perhaps a snack is in order to carry you through.
  • Is your diet unbalanced and you’re missing out on some of the golden food group choices? Your bodacious body runs best when you balance your diet by eating all of the macro and micro nutrients from all of the food groups.
  • Do you feel listless when you eat a humongo high fat, fast food meal? You’ll feel energized when you lighten your inner load with balance, taste and freshness – how’s that for a happy meal? Had Thai lately?
  • Are you trying to catch up in the rat race of life by staying up late and not sleeping enough? It’ll only come back to bite you big time. Get all of the zzzz’s you need, 7-8 hours each night, regularly.
  • Do you feel stale because you’ve been mulling over what you’re working on without taking a break. Get up, walk around, do the hokey pokey and take 5 to energize – magic drops aren’t going to make you more productive, right? Better yet take it outside and get some fresh air too!
  • Are you on the dry side because you’ve neglected to drink much water yet today? Fill up your void with some fluids and you’ll turn from a wilted dandelion to a raving rose!
  • Have you been a bump on a log and stopped your activity routine because summer’s over? Hello, time to move that junk in your trunk and you will get your groove back.
  • Are you in a low ebb because you’re feeling sad or lonely? Phone an optimistic friend who always knows what to say to brighten your day. Play some uplifting music to shift your mood too and keep it on the positive channel.

Am I making my point here folks?

Energy drinks, drops or elixirs won’t really help your problem if you don’t get to the root of it. Check the list as often as you need to, save your money and get energized the way your body was meant to, naturally!

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What is enough?

November 4th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I was doing my weekend chores in silence thinking about that age old philosophical question: What is enough? It was a dreary November Saturday with the last of the leaves clinging to the trees, ug. Damp and chilly yet plagued by this question of “enough”. You see, I spent my Friday night at a fund raiser for Erin Oak Kids. I was inspired by the uplifting stories of the kids featured.

Boundless with hope, zest and vitality making life work against all odds must be the mantra of these troops. That was my take away message of these kids and of course, of their silent soldier parents, supporting them in the trenches. Putting the CAN in can’t, putting the DO in don’t, putting the HOPE in hopeless; as my day wore on these thoughts lingered and permeated my gut, mind and soul along with my question: What is enough?

I pondered more deeply about life as I know it with family, friends and acquaintances, hmmmm. Some see their glass half empty while pretending they see it as half full. These kids have a few drops in their cup and live life as if their cup runeth over in spades. Ya gotta love optimism like that. Ask these kids “What is enough?” and you may get an answer that leaves a lump in your throat like: to be able to simply walk; to be able to play freely in the park; to be able to communicate what’s on my mind; to be able to grow up and be independent; to see another day - so many gifts that fill our cup already and so many taken for granted. Don’t you think?

It’s so easy to overlook the multitude of blessings we have in life day in and day out while we sometimes yearn for more; more than enough. Some even give it all up, then realize what they did when it’s too late. After my Friday evening, I realize that enough is enough and to learn to be satisfied with what is.

As my Saturday meandered by I said a quiet prayer of thanks to those Erin Oak Kids who inspired me on this fine, dreary weekend. Let’s be more like them and look on the bright side: Guess what we gained an hour! The rain has allowed me to get stuff done inside of the house! Hey look how green the grass is! Those lingering leaves are truly amazing lipstick colours, let’s cherish them while there still here….

When it comes right down to it, I realize I have more than I’ve ever needed; yes more than enough. How about you?

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Role Models Surround….

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I found myself on another bizzz trip recently, this time presenting to a group of business folks on social media. As per my usual travel routine there was no wake up call needed as I saw 2:00 then 3:00 then 4:00 then 5:00, then I gave in and decided to get up!

I downed my thyroid pill to get my engine started then staggered to the preset coffee machine for more fuel to help me putter into second gear, then to my Mary Poppins bag containing fruit, breakfast bars and almonds for something to nosh on. I eventually kicked into 3rd gear so I headed down to the gym before 6:00.

I remembered my glasses this time so hopped on one of the many elliptical machines, hit the cross train button and off I went on hills and dales in a steady rhythm. There were fit nicks already there in the gym who must have opened up the joint all sweaty and warn, just like you’re supposed to get. Hmmm I was looking a bit warn though cause I just rolled out of bed and barely slept, ug….

At a distance I spied a wee waif of a gal who was stretching and lunging, then sporting some swan moves with perfect poise and balance – arms out gracefully, one leg back in the air and holding her position, steady on the other leg. Oy! I thought I couldn’t do that on 2 legs without a wobble this time of the morning. I peeked sideways in admiration as she balanced on one of those big balls next. The last time I tried a manoeuvre on one of those I nearly cow piled my head into a corner of a coffee table at my sister’s place, hmmmm. Well I guess we all have gifts and being a balancing Walenda I am NOT!

I rounded out my routine and slowed down after passing the 3 mile mark in order to save me some energy for the dynamic day ahead. It’s great to spy role models to help keep you in the game, you know someone to emulate. For my own personal safety reasons I won’t be doing “the swan move” any time soon unless I had 3 muscle bound spotters nearby, but it warmed my heart that we’re all in the fit game together, no matter what moves we choose – the fact is we all won on this fine morning.

Time to head down and get moving to register for the forum, ta ta….

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