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A Rainy Day….

October 30th, 2013 2 Comments Tags: , , , , ,

It’s a rainy day
Need to switch my play
Golfing’s out
But a walk’s okay

A damp excuse
Are you obtuse?
Ducking out
Of muscle use!

You won’t melt
If the drops pelt
Your brawley then
You will feel shvelt

A puddle hop
Shouldn’t make you stop
Of getting out
You’ll feel on top!

It won’t take long
A robin’s song
Will inspire you
To become strong

Stay the course
You’ll feel remorse
If you wimp out
So feel the force!

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Ripples of Change

October 28th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , ,

Some people think the weight loss game is a mammoth task. The way some experts approach it certainly does make it seem insurmountable and not worth the effort. I say take the pressure off and use a different approach. What’s the rush?

If your old approach resulted in weight loss and gain and loss and gain and…. well you get the idea, perhaps it’s time to throw all of those strategies out the window – bye bye….

Isn’t it better to lose 1 measly pound FOREVER once after mastering a new behaviour rather than taking on an artillery of changes to your repertoire all at once? The former seems so meagre, although I gotta love the “forever” disclaimer. The latter scenario often does result in weight loss but in time you get cranky, hungry, feel deprived and need to “say uncle” and give in because it’s too unrealistic to sustain all of those changes all at once. Don’t you think?

Yes my soul sister, I’ve been there. Having maintained my weight for over 25 years now I realize that small ripples of change – one by one or a few easy tweaks at a time is certainly the way to go.

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The Halloween Scene

October 25th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , ,

It’s that time of year again – leaves falling, temperatures dipping and little goblins planning their trick or treating. Ahhh Halloween. I look forward to this day. A good excuse to wear orange. An acceptable reason to have extra treats in the house for a little while. A perfect time to connect with the goblins in the neighbourhood and do a little gobbling yourself. What’s not to love?

It’s fun to have a spirited day to dress up funny and shell out. Anyone who knows me well enough, understands it doesn’t have to be Halloween to do that…

I have a special door bell setting that has many different chimes, one featuring Halloween. You can hear a witch screach “AaaaaaAaaaa” (no that’s not me, it’s the other one…), a horn honk “beep beep”, a door slam “thump”, a ghost bellow “wooooOOooooOO”, a gong chime….. How fun! What I love the most is that every kid who comes to my door says “thank you” especially the ones who sneak back twice…. I know I’m turning into an ole fogey, but I do appreciate good manners even when they trample my flower bed and knock over my pumpkin… Where’s that witch scream when you need it?

Once the shelling out is done it’s time for parents to divide and conquer, sorting through the treats before the noshing begins with safety in mind. Make a few rules around these and enjoy ‘em for a short while then put a lid on it. Then shell them out on garbage day. Halloween only comes once a year. This candy crush certainly challenges our relationship with food, doesn’t it? As I’ve said many times all foods fit and work some in, in moderation. Have the whole family up the ante on activity. With the last of the leaves falling, extra yard work is certainly in order, don’t you think?

I usually wait until a few days before the big day to pick up my treats. You name it, I get it – chips, Cheetos, chocolate bars, candy, the full court press of goodies. It’s Halloween folks, kids don’t want “healthy treats” and neither do I as I sit at the door when the tykes drop by. Why be a Debbie Downer? Save the bridge games and magic tricks for the old folks home! This is one of those occasions to take part in and have fun – eat, nibble, nosh and be merry. When the sugar rush wears off, it’ll be time for school and work the morning after. Follow that rule sung by Barry White in my “Sugar Blues” post on October 7th. Enjoy!

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Enable with the Food Label

October 23rd, 2013 1 Comment Tags: , , , , , , ,

I was undertaking my weekly grocery shopping recently when I overheard a conversation between a mom and her son. They were in one of the long beverage aisles oozing with a plethora of juices mostly, so I slowed down to check some best before dates to listen in, wink wink! Okay so call me a nosey parker but this was perfect fodder for T & T, right?

It would seem that sonny boy picked out the iced tea from the sea of juice choices and was giving his mom the squeeze, or so he thought. So instead of declaring a flat out “NO” this Ninja mom used the food label to help them decide whether it was going to make the grade and into the cart and down their gullets. The exchange was brief. There was no gnashing of teeth, long faces or arguments. This was an open and shut case and voted on unanimously. Bravo!

To me this was like listening to angels singing as they reviewed the ingredient list then the nutrition facts table together keeping the discussion objective and above board. I wish I had a medal in my purse to whip out and bestow upon this wise fire cracker mama – ta da! “Way to go mother of the year!” This brief exchange got me thinking about how the grocery store is such a perfect place for everyone to learn just a little more about the food they choose week after week.

To me, the grocery store is where the rubber meets the road where your food and nutrition goals get met or dashed. Don’t you think? It’s a perfect place to start “moving your cheese” to try something new, cheese included! It’s a practical classroom for kids and adults to learn about food, food groups, counting, choosing and enriching their bodies and minds. Kids take these experiences through life and use all they gained in their favour when they’re launched into the big world out there.

So on this fine day this mom enabled her son to make a decision about a drink choice using the food label, equipping him to make more decisions about food. So what was your cart full of this week? Was it full of fresh produce and all of the food groups to fuel up breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks? Or did you make a U turn down the junk aisle and brought home pillow sacks of deep fried, salty nothingness? You know that whatever you bring home it will get eaten and not only by alleged company dropping in. Balance it out. Make a list. And set you and your family up all week to thrive this harvest season.

When in doubt, become enabled with the food label! Now if only we could find out what’s in the food at those fast food outlets…… hmmmmmm.

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Be Open to Bean Spilling, 1 Lovin’ Spoonful at a Time

October 21st, 2013 2 Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

Ever have a bunch of coincidences collide all of a sudden? I’ve been prepping all weekend for a presentation I’m giving this week for the Future of Food in Healthcare called “Staying on Top: Leveraging Web & Social Media Tools”. So here’s how my Saturday routine went: practice, practice, practice, interspersed with outfit picking, packing, weekend puttering and staying on top in my own Twitter-sphere.

I’m usually optimally informed and amused by my new fab friend and colleague Lindsay’s sweet tweets that can’t be beat @LeanGreenBean who I met in Lodi California last month. One of her tweets grabbed my attention “The Power of Vulnerability” thoughtfully crafted by none other than The Soulful Spoon – Heather McClees a southern belle who spills her beans as much as I spill mine! Who would have thunk?

Thinking of the zest of the LeanGreenBean and the honesty of the Soulful Spoon’s bean spilling, my mind wandered to the importance of being honest with yourself and coming clean about your situation whatever that might be, hmmmmm. I wrote in Skinny on Slim that “awareness is bliss”, not ignorance. You simply cannot change what you do not realize, right? Journalling is certainly the way to help on that front.

There’s something about spilling the bitter truth that’s so raw yet freeing. Take a look at The Soulful Spoon’s blog at the link above to see what I mean. She is a fellow bean spiller whose writing will fill up your spirit. Her motto is “Learning is living and forgiving.” How beautiful is that? Very!

I divulged in my post October 4 “Fessing Up – Monitoring Mania” that sometimes I wished I didn’t make a pact to be so open and honest when I write. And now I’ve met my match who does so in spades. I guess aiming to be relatable has it’s benefits…..

Here’s a quick verse for my fellow bean spillers out there:
Beans, beans are good for your heart
The more you spill, the more wisdom you impart

The more you impart, the better you feel
So spill your beans with every shpeel!

Hmmm, my Mom always told me that “honesty was the best medicine”, I wonder if she still feels the same way….

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There’s More to Activity than Simply Burning Calories

October 18th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , ,

I found myself travelling on bizzz again. As per my usual routine, I visited the gym before 6am before the sun came up. Being an early bird in the gym has its advantages; this day my elliptical machine was free. I eventually got in a rhythm pressing buttons on the screen without wearing my glasses hoping to get a program that’d suit my weary mode. Something connected and I was off.

My mind wandered as I pondered my series of meetings ahead as I hit my stride. The panel in front of me flashed all sorts of numbers from step rate, heart rate, resistance and calories burned. It looked like a slot machine with an array of lights blinking, without the payout…. well maybe. It got me thinking, hmmmmm.

On September 6 I posted “Count Nutrients NOT Calories” which was a story suggesting we focus more on food’s abundance of nutrients and not simply the calories. While I was on that elliptical I thought how that same theme can be applied to activity – that there’s so much more to activity than simply burning calories. Think about it.

There are so many benefits from being active from strengthening muscles, to alleviating stress, to lifting your spirits and more and I haven’t even factored in calorie usage yet.

This day ahead of me was about to be a doozie. Yet for me starting in the gym was a perfect way to find my centre before the sun arose – yes, a perfect payoff indeed.

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Water Water Everywhere, How Much Shall I Drink?

October 16th, 2013 No Comments Tags: ,

I went to see the movie Watermark a few weeks back after the TIFF hype about it. Truth be told I thought I’d be left with that guilty feeling for running my tap for too long… It didn’t disappoint with masterful images of water from around the world with soothing music to lull you yet keep you engaged.

I got to thinking of my experience with water through my life from seeing the Trevi Fountain in Rome, to taking off at the airport in a typhoon in Hong Kong, then glimpsing rice paddies from the sky while making a landing in Hanoi to watching surfers at sunset at Malibu Beach in California to the sight of Lake Como then to the flood in the summer to my bubbling rock in my yard – drip drip drip gurgle, splurt, gush, glug, glug, ahhhh water.

As I sit here at my desk I have my trusty glass of tap water by my side a fair distance from my computer. Being Italian I talk with my hands at times and have been known to knock things over as discussions ramp up. The age old question of “how many glasses of water shall I drink each day?” has raised it’s head yet again. Is it four, is it eight, how on earth do we calibrate?

I was delighted to read that an editorial was published in the British Medical Journal by Dr. Margaret McCartney who dissed that old adage of “8 glasses a day” blanket recommendation for the masses. Amen, I couldn’t agree more! Let’s think about it and get right down to basics. We drink fluids to keep us hydrated, right? So how on earth can one recommendation hold true for the entire population with little kids and adults alike who vary vastly in size. Should I be dictated to drink 8 glasses of water each day standing at 5’5″ while Michael Jordan is told to do the same? Add on to that the variability of activity levels when you require more fluids when you move more – Michael surely edges me out on that front. Add on to that the changing seasons when you obviously need more fluids when it’s hot outside and less in cooler climes. It is also often overlooked that “solid food” possesses a high percentage of water and when digested is broken down as such. Also consider that fluids containing caffeine or alcohol have a diuretic effect too. Am I making my point?

You might be wondering then how do I know when I’m appropriately hydrated? Getting down to biological basics using that age old “number 1″ and “number 2″ school kids use: when you pee regularly and it’s light yellow that’s a positive sign and if your stools are formed and soft that is too. Need I explain more?

Some experts suggest you drink to satisfy thirst, but for athletes waiting until you’re thirsty to drink is certainly too late. Also, children and seniors ought to be reminded to drink regularly especially when it’s warm out, so having that trusty water with them is a good idea. These days though with the pace of life many people go through their day mindlessly and lose a sense of those cues. So keep that glass of water at hand, but away from your keyboard of course….

Some people whine and complain yearning for fluids with good taste. I won’t rail on about sweet tasting beverages this time, but you T & T followers know where I stand on that as I have proclaimed you not “Sink with Your Drink”! Add some lemon or lime to punch up the flavour if you must. I am not a lover of those plastic water bottles either for the goodness of our planet Mother Earth. So get yourself a portable container to fill with tap water whether it’s filtered or not.

For those of you who get stuck on wanting a number guideline, take a breather and go with the flow. I’ll drink to that!

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October 14th, 2013 No Comments

It’s October now!
Time to think of how
You’ll make a change
A healthy vow

A place to start
Is to take part
Make goals to have
A healthier heart

Say “okay”
To a meatless day
Get your 5-10
Most any way

We’re harvest bound
Fresh choices astound
So easy to
Keep produce around

Some broccoli & cheese
Some pizza please
Pasta & beans
Or rice & peas

Keep moving too
Exercise anew
Get back on track
And fitness renew

Change bit by bit
Your jeans will soon fit
Keep at it and
It won’t hurt a bit!

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Putting Some “Give” in ThanksGIVing

October 11th, 2013 2 Comments Tags: , , , ,

Ok so Thanksgiving has been on my brain lately. Last weekend my family jumped the gun and celebrated it early. It got me thinking about what all of this means more deeply, hmmmmm.

I think Thanksgiving is one of my favourite long weekends of all long weekends – the family, the food, the extra day’s sleep-in, the changing leaves, what’s not to love? When I get right down to what I love most, it’s everyone pitching in putting some “give” in Thanksgiving.

Ya I love Christmas, who doesn’t? But sometimes we get so wound like a top making lists, checking them twice, buying gifts for people who don’t need anything then meet the day with joy but also a side order of exhaustion and guilt. Don’t get me wrong I’d be miffed if Santa passed by my house because of my self righteousness. But really folks giving of yourself with an open heart, honesty, love and helping hands is what we all really crave, don’t you think?

So come this weekend put some “give” in Thanksgiving and make this one the best ever!

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Testing, Testing, Put Your Diet to the “Thanksgiving Dinner Test”

October 9th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Well folks Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Who doesn’t love this festive weekend, especially the lavish family meals that go with it. That horn of plenty is bursting with all this harvest has to offer. Think about what is served at a typical Thanksgiving dinner: the turkey, the nutty dressing, those golden roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mashed yams, cauliflower and cheese casserole, homemade pie with a dab of ice cream. Ahhh gotta love all of this with a repeat to cover both sides of the family.

Some people, might like this time of year though to kick off a new diet regimen along with the football season. If this is the case for you let me suggest you put whatever regimen you choose to my special test – the “Thanksgiving Dinner Test” explained in my ebook Skinny on Slim. If a diet doesn’t allow you to eat the food served at this celebratory dinner, then forget about it, don’t give it another thought.

I’m not a lover of diets. They’re like living in a straight jacket with so many don’ts they’re hard to keep track of and even harder to adhere to. Many do result in weight loss, for a little while, until your resolve caves letting the food floodgates to fly open, then your weight rebounds. You end up feeling like you failed rather than the diet failed you. Think about it. Let this fall be pivotal for you and go on a plan you can adhere to for life, set in fundamental principles to help you lose weight, thrive, and soar for good from Fat City to Slim Town.

Look yourself in the mirror and make a pact that from this day forward you will set yourself free from dieting forever. Be darn sure that the plan you choose passes my Thanksgiving dinner test. If a diet doesn’t allow you to eat the food served at this celebratory dinner — the turkey, the nutty dressing, those golden roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mashed yams, cauliflower and cheese casserole, homemade pie with a dab of ice cream — then forget about it, don’t give it another thought. Got it?

Read about this with solutions to help you along your journey in Skinny On Slim, The little black dress of diet books found on Amazon.  Also available on i-Tunes, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

Enjoy your trip!

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