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Count Nutrients, NOT Calories

September 6th, 2013 1 Comment Tags: , , , , ,

I was fixing my lunch the other day while I was thinking about counting, hmmm. Counting what you ask? Nutrients and blessings! I took home a doggie bag from a lovely dinner out a few days prior. I decided to enjoy it at lunch with some of those lunch salads I love – this time one made with cauliflower, another with chick pea with kidney bean and another with crunchy asparagus. As per my usual practice I had yoghurt, this time that delectably smooth lime flavoured Greek kind plus an individual cottage cheese serving. Ahhh the angels were singing…..

Talk about a powerhouse of flavours, a crunch that satisfies all with natural nutrient richness making me feel satisfied like a queen ready to take on the world – KAPOW! Many moons ago I used to count calories. In fact I could rhyme them off in a heartbeat. But I’m wiser now and much prefer to count a plethora of nutrients while covering all of the food groups instead of my calories.

Try this: pick up a few packages of drinks for instance and compare the nutrients in each using the Nutrition Facts panel. Let’s use milk as an example comparing volume per volume with soda pop or juice. You’ll find in this example that the nutrient profile of milk wins on all fronts. It fills up so many nutrient gaps it’s astounding.

It’s interesting to note that I rarely have food cravings for junk when my diet is so complete. I am not however, a purist eliminating my favourite food treats. I divulged in a January blog post “Life with Pie” my flaky love affair to indulge in this devilish dessert occasionally. A little sin here and there won’t kill me. What I do know for sure, is that if a food is black listed, I’d pine for it day and night….

So if you keep your abacus close by only counting calories instead of your variety of nutrients from naturally nutrient rich foods, you’re really shooting yourself in the foot where your overall nutritional status is concerned. Give your head a shake and start counting the variety of nutrients you choose. While you’re at it count your blessings too. You body, mind and spirit will surely be filled up to be the absolute best you can be. You can count on that, for sure!

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Recreate the Route in Your Own Routine

September 4th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

When I think about the post labour day season and what I love about it most, one word comes to mind – routine. When I ponder all of my meanderings on my personal health and wellness routine this summer I realize that it’s time to reign it all in, get back on track and recalculate my route with my own routine, just like a personal GPS. My annual physical is scheduled in a few short weeks and the countdown is ON. Here are some quick changes to get started:

Breakfast basics – Say bye bye to buffet style breakfasts, au dios! Get back to breakfast basics with that trusty bowl of hot oatmeal and skim milk. Savour the flavour with some fruit in season and a sprinkle of nuts on top.

Watering hole – No more umbrellas in your drinks! Get back to drinking water throughout the day if your choices have gone astray.

Mat routine fiend – Ab crunch a bunch! Better yet blow the dust off your trusty mat and get down and dirty with your core-strenghtening routine, arm weights, lunges and squats.

Say okay to 5-10 a day – If you’ve forgotten what you supposed to get 5 – 10 a day of let me remind you! It’s September bounty time and work in those fruits and veggies every single day.

Pack a snack Jack – Three square meals is so passé! Include a few snacks each day that’ll keep that overeater inside of you at bay – try skim milk, a handful of almonds, a piece of fruit, some chic peas, a single serve yoghurt.

Dining with less wining – Ok initially there might be more whining with the wine wean, but it’s time to be kind to your liver. Limit your alcohol intake because the party’s over princess!

Get a groove with your moves – Move that booty more! Every muscle movement uses energy and the more you move the more you’ll burn. Get your masterful machine moving more often throughout the day when you can -walk, mosey, sache, samba, climb, dance, shimmy, jog, saunter, run…..

Ok doc, will be seeing you soon and I’ll be ready to face your scale, measuring tape, pokes, prods and more, you’ll see! My route in Slim Town is being recalculated as we speak!

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Be a SMART-y Pants with Goal Making!

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I read a wise article a while back about setting goals which inspired me, hmmmmm. I did some reflecting on whether I’ve been a compliant patient over the years and it got me scratching my head, saying “welllll…..” I’ll give you an example. Some years back I was the clinical dietitian in a paediatric Lipid Clinic, intimately aware of what my team was suggesting to families.

I recall having my own bloodwork taken and my HDL cholesterol (the good one) was borderline on the low side. I was aghast and miffed! Moi? I was definitely very active but my Mom had an aorta bypass operation in her early forties. I used that as my personal excuse that there was nothing I could do… surely. When I reflect more deeply about this I remember being a consummate snacker of crackers back then. A seemingly benign food at the time. This was the era when trans fat was in a lot of our foods in Canada. Even those crackers which were lower in overall fat, what they did contain was trans fat – the worst fat of all. Who was I kidding other than myself? I ended that love affair with this food altogether while our food supply in Canada has morphed to having much less of this horrid fat to affect us negatively. My HDL’s are back to normal.

Ok back to my story line, the article I was reading made a point to encourage people to make “SMART” goals which means those that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable and Realistic and if/when followed subscribe to a planned Timeline. I love to put this into the “Just for Today” context as well to help anyone make the first step to a positive change. It’s too easy to throw ourselves under the proverbial bus by making goals too lofty it’s intimidating to even start. Also, we often look so far into the future we give ourselves heart palpitations feeling psyched out before we even begin.

I’m a big believer we need to make a variety of goals to help reinforce positive change and get into the habit of rewarding ourselves for our achievements which makes us feel motivated. Who doesn’t love a fist pump to our self esteem? No one, that’s who!!

I give a lot of tips around making goals you can achieve in my e-book Skinny On Slim on Amazon. Also available on i-Books, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

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