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Skinny on Slim Helps Motivation Sizzle & not Fizzle

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The conversation continues about what’s new and different about my new e-book called Skinny on Slim . Think about it ladies. When you go on a diet the ultimate reward is reaching your goal and is celebrated by slipping on those new skinny jeans without having to lie on the bed to hoist the zipper. You can relate I’m sure. In Skinny on Slim I give many suggests to help you get and stay motivated throughout:

  • When people begin diets they often feel pumped, but as the time wares on that sizzle eventually fizzles
  • I work in ways to sustain that sizzle that makes you pop throughout your course by dressing for dieting success, visualization, thought stopping, establishing a reward system that builds with your progress

Preening Principle – cinched waistbands rule!

  • Successful losers tell us when they feel good about themselves they eat better and exercise better. Donning an outfit for any circumstance that you feel great in can really make a difference every single day.
  • Evaluate your image every year and from decade to decade. Create your own style in the land of material girl-ism!


  • When you see it you can be it. Taking time every day to visualize you at your goal weight can make you believe you can indeed do it.

“Thought Stopping”

  • Get in tune with what you are saying about yourself and tune your attitude in to the positive channel. If you catch yourself trash talking yourself, stop your negative thinking in its tracks and replace that with words of encouragement.

Award of the Rewards

  • Build a reward system to bestow unto yourself as you achieve your goals. Build a scheme to reward reaching various grander goals along the way, like a bonus cheque you receive at work for reaching a significant milestone.

Drive your own bus

  • Simply put be yourself. Become comfortable in your own skin being who you truly are rather what you think others want you to be. To thy own self be true! Love yourself more and be good to yours truly.

Finding ways to stay pumped throughout your course from Fat City to Slim Town will surely help you along your journey.

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Launch Time – Skinny on Slim is Published!

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Well folks this day has arrived, Skinny on Slim, that book I’ve been working on has now been published and I’m telling you first. Probably the first question on your mind is, why is it different? Let me tell you all about it:

Extreme regimens are a rigid, one-size-fits-all rubber-stamp that seem logical. They dictate you make numerous changes with a menu of “don’ts” turning your life on its head making you feel hungry, deprived, cranky and listless – sound familiar? They enlist you in doing radical exercise making you despise it. Skinny On Slim is a custom fit plan to your eating and lifestyle fingerprint and ushers you to the ultimate core of your issues to create a new Love Story with food and activity.

You will:
• Make manageable behavioural steps starting with easy goals to build momentum
• Apply healthy and stealthy tips and trade offs to lose weight
• Heighten overall food satisfaction to a happier meal
• Customize a movement movement with sneaky interval training for your hourglass
• Lose the guilt and obsessions for better balance and greater joy.
Next, extreme regimens begin with sizzle that eventually fizzles over time. Your ultimate reward is reaching your goal weight in many days from today, a long time to receive the payoff for all of your efforts. Skinny On Slim reinforces you with numerous ways to sustain that fizzle to make you pop throughout your journey from Fat City to Slim Town!

You will:
• Follow the preening principle and dress for dieting success
• Visualize the prize, you at your goal – when you see it you can be it!
• Revert negative “thought stopping” to stay positive
• Reward yourself as you reach goals
• Sync weigh ins with your cycle
• Learn secrets of real successful weight losers.

Extreme regimen “experts” dictate to their reader. Skinny on Slim bonds like your soul sister and confidante who recalculated her route from Fat City to Slim Town who happens to be an expert. She spills her hill of beans leaving you open to spill yours.

You will:
• Find perspective and feel comfortable to come clean about your situation
• Shift out of inertia and start
• Feel understood, entertained and inspired.

There you have it folks some food for thought this fine spring day. If you’re looking for some reinforcement this time of year to help you get jump started consider getting your own copy. I hope you enjoy reading Skinny on Slim it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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