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Ready for the Launch – Little Black Dress of Diet Books!

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Well folks as this fine Easter Sunday day rolls in, so to has my book Skinny on Slim (SOS) onto my publishing site and its “live day” is eminent. The subtitle is  “the little black dress of diet books” and here’s why I call it that:

SOS gets the reader to delve to the source of their weight issues. There’s often so much more involved in being overweight than simply eating too much. There’s what we eat, how we eat, plus food has a deeper meaning for many and is used to combat emotions such as anger, pressure even boredom – the why.

When you treat a weight issue simply by adjusting food and ignore the real why of your issue you may spend the rest of your life on that weight roller coast rebounding. If you do want this effort to be your absolute very last time you try to lose weight dig deeper by custom creating a plan to suit your eating and activity fingerprint. Let’s do it together.

Visit for when the link to my book goes live. It should be any day now.

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Best Food Forward – Fresh Baked!

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The smell of freshly baked muffins, breads and cookies wafting through the grocery store can be tantalizing. Don’t let your nose guide your purchases! Many baked goods are high in fat, sugar and calories. Look for healthier choices, such as whole grain breads. They have more vitamins, minerals, fibre and other nutrients that are good for your health. People who eat a diet rich in whole grains are more likely to have a healthy heart. To be sure bread is whole grain, check the ingredient list for the words “whole grain” in front of each grain’s name. If whole grains are the main ingredients in a food, they will appear first in the ingredient list. Make at least half of your grain products whole grain each day.

For more tips on choosing whole grains, including healthy breads, visit:

Here’s hoping this Nutrition Month has been an enlightening one. Truly though, every month is really nutrition month!

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Best Food Forward – Save Cash & Calories

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Looking to save cash and calories? Easy money-saving strategies can help you do both! Strategies that save you money can also help keep your calorie consumption on track. Try these simple tips next time you’re at the grocery store:

• Pay with cash, not plastic. You’ll have to stick to your budget if you bring only the amount of money you plan to spend.

• Think small. Those jumbo packs of snacks aren’t a bargain if you end up throwing some away, plus having bigger packages at home means you’ll eat more.

• Shop wise. Beware of the hidden costs of buy-one-get-one-free offers. Sure, you get more food for less money, but how much might be wasted?

• Shop during non-peak times. You’ll spend less time in the checkout line, where you might be tempted to buy expensive magazines and candy.

• Skip the sweet samples. If you taste a sugary treat, such as cookies, candies or chocolate, you may be more likely to buy less healthy foods that aren’t on your list.

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Best Food Forward – Get the Facts!

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When you know how to read nutrition labels, shopping for healthier food gets a little easier. The Nutrition Facts table has information on the calories and nutrients in a specific serving size of food. You can check the serving size and compare it to how much food you actually eat. The % Daily Value (% DV) on the Nutrition Facts table shows you if a food has “a little” or “a lot” of a nutrient. For example, 5% DV or less is a little of any nutrient, and 15% DV or more is a lot for any nutrient. You can use the % DV to compare food items and make better choices.

When you’re shopping, read food labels to compare brands. Look at the ingredients list. Check the Nutrition Facts tables to compare serving sizes, nutrient amounts and % DV. Choose foods that have more vitamins, minerals and fibre, and less fat, sodium and sugar.

To get more tips on reading food labels and Nutrition Facts tables, visit:

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Best Food Forward – Can the Caffeine!

March 22nd, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

There may be more caffeine in your grocery cart than you think! Caffeine is found naturally in coffee and tea (green, black or white). It is also added to energy drinks and some soft drinks, such as cola and some brands of root beer. Caffeine is also found naturally in foods made with cocoa, such as dark or milk chocolate and hot chocolate. Other products such as guarana and yerba mate are natural sources of caffeine; these may be ingredients in some foods.

After consuming caffeine, some people experience trouble sleeping, headaches or jitteriness. The best way to avoid unwanted health effects is to consume less caffeine.28 Choose healthy drinks that don’t contain caffeine, such as water, decaffeinated tea or coffee, milk, fortified soy beverage or 100% juice.

For more on caffeine in your food and drinks, visit:

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Best Food Forward – Cooler Aisle

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No, eggs aren’t a dairy product, but you can find them in the cooler aisle along with other nutrient-rich choices such as milk, yogurt, cheese and milk alternatives such as fortified soy beverage. Take these tips to the cooler aisle:

  • Milk. Skim, 1% or 2% milk makes a refreshing drink, and it’s filled with bone-boosting nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein. If you don’t drink milk, choose a fortified soy beverage. Chocolate milk has all of the same great nutrients as white milk. Chocolate milk has more sugar, though, so sip it occasionally as a treat.
  • Yogurt. Look for lower-fat yogurt with less sugar. Try Greek-style yogurt for a protein-packed dessert, or yogurt drinks for a quick snack on the go.
  • Cheese. Choose blocks or shredded cheese for a little more protein, more calcium and less sodium than processed cheese.
  • Eggs. Filled with health-promoting nutrients such as lutein, an antioxidant important for eye health, eggs can help you make a tasty meal in minutes. Brown eggs and white eggs have the exact same nutrients.
  • Egg whites. Cartons of pasteurized egg whites are great for making quick omelettes or adding a little protein to your fruit smoothies.
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Best Food Forward – Few Frozen Finds

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Some frozen food choices are better than others. Read labels and look for foods with less sodium, fat and sugar. Shop for basic, healthy frozen foods that can help you make simple, delicious meals such as:

  • Super stir-fry. Steam frozen Asian veggies or sauté in a little olive oil. Serve over brown rice and top with tofu and slivered almonds for a quick meatless meal.
  • Gourmet pasta. A combination of frozen grilled vegetables and frozen cheese tortellini, boiled and then tossed in a zesty tomato sauce, makes a simple yet sophisticated meal.
  • Divine dessert. Slightly thawed frozen raspberries on top of Greek-style vanilla yogurt makes for a delectable dessert or snack.
  • Yummy breakfast. Add frozen blueberries to whole grain muffins, oatmeal or pancakes for a burst of flavour.

For tips on making the most of frozen foods and your freezer, visit:

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Best Food Forward – Cook & Share

March 15th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , ,

Whether you’re a busy single person or a time-crunched working parent, swapping meals with friends can save you time in the kitchen. On the weekend, make a large batch of a healthy, easy-to-share meal, such as vegetable lasagna, hearty chili or lentil soup. Split it into portions and share it with a friend or two. They do the same and share with you. You’ll get different healthy meals to enjoy during the week but without shopping for ingredients or cooking.

Don’t forget about breakfast! You make whole grain pancakes, your friend makes French toast, and then you swap. Refrigerate or freeze the food, and then just pop a piece into the toaster for breakfast. You’ll have a quick and healthy breakfast ready to go every day of the week!

For delicious, dietitian-approved recipes, visit:

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Best Food Forward – Halt the Salt!

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Next time you’re shopping, take a look at your grocery cart. How many processed, packaged food items and ready-to-go meals are there? Over 75% of the sodium in our diets comes from processed foods such as deli meats, pizza, cheese, sauces and soups. Excess sodium is bad for your health. Take these steps to reduce your sodium intake, starting at the grocery store:

  • Buy more fresh foods that are naturally low in sodium, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk products, dried legumes (beans, peas, lentils) and unseasoned meats, fish and poultry. Back at home, cook from scratch.
  • Compare food labels. Buy the products with the lowest amounts of sodium.
  • Use the % Daily Value (% DV) on the label to see if a food has a little or a lot of sodium. Here’s a useful guide: 5% DV or less is a little sodium; 15% DV or more is a lot. Choose foods with less than 15% DV for sodium.
  • Pick up sodium-free seasonings such as herbs and spices, fresh garlic or ginger, lemons or limes, onions or balsamic vinegar. They add fantastic flavour to your meals without adding salt!

Eating less sodium can help you stay healthy and feel your best. For more facts and tips on sodium, visit:

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Best Food Forward – Get Fresh!

March 10th, 2013 1 Comment Tags: , ,

Yet another birthday is looming so the topic of “fresh” is on my mind, hmmmmm.

Packaged foods and ready-to-eat meal items, such as the rotisserie chicken at grocery stores, are often high in sodium. Too much sodium is harmful to your health. You can cut back on your sodium intake by making your own meals. Try these fresh ideas and get cooking from scratch:

  • Make your own soups, sauces and salad dressings. A little basil combined with crushed tomatoes makes a simple pasta sauce.
  • Enjoy more vegetables and fruit. They’re naturally sodium free. Whenever possible, use fresh or frozen instead of canned, which often has added sodium.
  • Cook pasta and whole grains, such as rice, barley and quinoa without adding salt. Try sodium-free chicken broth for delicious flavour.
  • Rinse canned beans, peas and lentils to wash away some of the added sodium. Look for sodium-free brands too.
  • Buy plain, unseasoned cuts of fresh meat, poultry or fish. Season lightly at home with herbs and spices.
  • Use fresh garlic, flavoured vinegars, herbs or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to add flavour to food without salt.

If you haven’t already download Dietitians of Canada’s phone app called eaTipster to get fed a tip a day during Nutrition Month and every day of the year from


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