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Lights Out on the Superbowl

February 3rd, 2013 No Comments Tags:

Well I spent Sunday night watching the game
Was a slow start at first for my 49′er team

So I was a bit bored and decided I’d do
My mat routine and weights and then I’d lift me a few

Did some lunges and squats and stretches left and right
Then half time came on and to watch it, I might

The lights went out then the fireworks spewed
And Beyonce came out and showed us just what she knew

Dancing and singing, high boots and an upright kick
She did it so hard I flinched then to I took hold of my hip

I walked in some boots this week and know it was a mistake
Cause the next day to soles of my feet surely ached

After that show I’m sure her feet will be
Needing a rub from whoever, but her hub JayZ

Her form outdid the boys taking a rest from the game
She’s Foxy Cleopatra compared to them who seem tame

Well my verdict about the MVP whose ferocious?
It’s half time with Beyonce, she is sooooo booty-licious!

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2 Words that Don’t Go Together…. TV & Eating

February 1st, 2013 No Comments

There are two words that just shouldn’t go together in my books – TV & eating. I get my back up whenever I hear them together let alone read about them. I read an article recently that talked about “food to eat in front of the TV”. Stop the madness! My computer was nearly catapulted like a long bomb Hail Mary pass down the field on Superbowl Sunday… but wasn’t….

Ya I get it, it’s winter time and the TV’s getting more action than your bunny rabbit in heat. If you care about how you emerge from your cave come spring take stock of what’s going down the hatch. Eating while watching the idiot box is like an extreme sport where you can mindlessly eat yourself into oblivion without realizing. Doing that regularly can tip that energy equation in the direction of a gaining proposition… in a bad way…

Pairing 2 behaviours like these could be a challenge to break up as it often becomes so automatic. Like Pavlov’s dog who salivates when a bell is rung so are you salivating when the clicker turns on the tube. Does it feel like you’re missing something Fido? If you answered “yes” it’s because you’ve formed a bond with the two. Like many marriages these days, this bond is easy to break.

If you get fidgety as you try to change aim to drink something no cal in place of that tub of junk food – a large mug of mint tea, perhaps? This could be a step in the right direction as you still want something in your mouth but not the calories. In time make yourself a smaller and smaller mug to a thimble, then do yourself a favour and kick the habit for good.

I don’t care if Superbowl Sunday is looming, eating and watching TV are still a bad combination! Go Beyonce :-)

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