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Time to Table the Menu Label

February 27th, 2013 No Comments

I love reading study results that pump up my enthusiasm! I recently read about a study conducted looking at Menu Labelling. Menu labelling as you’d might surmise is providing some details about the food listed on a menu in a restaurant.

The study tested two groups, one that did not receive any information about the food they were ordering and another group who did. The first group ordered a meal that averaged 817 calories and ate 765 calories worth while the enlightened group ate 696 calories worth.

You might not think this is any big deal, but for people who frequent these places for regular fare it can really add up in one year. It’s all about awareness and that’s exactly what the consumers need, more now than ever.

Sadly, restaurants are not yet required to provided this much needed information to it’s clientele. It’s becoming so apparent that more and more people eat out much more regularly so this aspect of people’s diet is no longer a treat and has become a routine. Consumers vastly under report this “eating out” activity when surveyed though. Who then is keeping these outlets open may I ask?? Are those empty cars in the long drive thru’s that I pass when I head home to cook a meal??

Consumers have been given detailed information on the packaged food they choose for eons now. Why then is this other segment of the food industry not held to the same degree of accountability?? Consumers deserve to know because when they do better when they know. There’s no time like the present!

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What’s the Buzzz on Food Bizzzz?

February 24th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , ,

I recently read that article in the New York Times blowing the whistle on food companies and obesity. After percolating about the details my thoughts turned to the purpose of these companies. Well hello, it’s to sell we the people food. I’m not sure that it comes to any great surprise that food technologies are aiming to perfect that bliss point we yearn for. There’s really no mystery, is there?

Sadly though some people have become addicted to various elements of food whether it’s caffeine, excess sugar, fat or salt with the continual seeking of that bliss point.

Well folks it’s our responsibility to find out what’s in the food we buy and eat. There just so happens to be food product labels for that which are highly regulated so we the consumer can review and compare what we’re bringing home to put in our pie hole.

If you’re hooked on food more than you’re hooked on phonix now’s a good time to start using these invaluable tables to find out more. You can also find out what’s in the food you choose from those fast food joints you frequent on the Internet. They are not regulated yet to the same degree as the packaged food industry but there is information available so check it out.

Next there’ll be a pill likened to Viagra to find that pleasure point of the palate. Oh Lord, let’s hope not. In the meantime take charge and rid yourself of these addictions if they exist for you because it’s your job, if you value optimal health, to bring home Mother Nature’s bounty and get hooked on that.

Check out the sticker on the apples, some stock boy’s got that right!

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Eighty Something….

February 22nd, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

The years have come, the years have gone
The clouds rolled in, and the sun has shone

The pace of life, that ebb and flow
Makes you wonder where does time go?

A special milestone marks this day
As it’s my Mom’s 80th birthday day

Had a special time with her alone I confess
Being the youngest of 4 and last in the nest

We bonded together one-on-one
Was serious about her job as “Mom”

Taught us tough love through those tender years
To reach higher ground, of us she did rear

Those important lessons we have learned
Indelibly in our hearts and minds they’ve burned

Taught us not through words but by actions she’d do
The most valued to us all is that she is our glue

Love shown strongest when we break bread
At the family table, with love we’re fed

Fond memories linger in my mind
Over the past roads we trekked and together we bind

Lucky to witness what’s important and her special ways
That we’ll celebrate today her 80th birthday!

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Not so FAST!

February 20th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , ,

I read in the newspaper how some experts are reverting back to suggesting to patients to go on a fast to lose weight. Just reading this made me want to stop and have a snack. What gives? As fad diets come and go in and out of vogue like platform shoes this one ought to get dumped in the trashcan for good – kerplunk!

Let’s take a moment and think this one through: to lose weight at a reasonable pace women shouldn’t eat less that 1,200 calories per day and men 1,600 calories per day – a far cry from 500 to 700 calories per day these ultra low cal schemes dictate. Yes the first time this nutty nosh-less-fest is tried the dieter will loose a boat load of weight and fast. They will however have not a spec of energy to move or think or live normally.

What happens after the fast weight loser gets back to “business as usual” in the eating department is to not stop eating until a week next Sunday of next year, maybe longer. You’ll feel like you’re living in a fog. Your body will be so depleted that you can’t fill it up enough because of what you just did. Being biological beings with a penchant for survival your metabolism will shift into low gear in case you try something so dumb again.

Yes that analogy of Snakes and Ladders this Year of the Snake raises it’s ugly head again with this regimen, like landing on a cobra. And why do I know this? It’s because I went on one of these senseless schemes as a teen then paid the price for years following, like slipping on a banana peel down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole. Trust me ladies, don’t give this notion another thought.

You’ll read all about the gory details of this with better solutions in my book launched in spring…… don’t miss it!

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Year of the Snake

February 17th, 2013 No Comments Tags: ,

The year of the snake is upon us folks as Chinese New Year has chimed in – Kung Hei Fat Choi. It got me thinking about that old board game we used to play – Snakes and Ladders. Remember that? You roll the dice and move your man forward. If you land on a snake you go back a bunch of spaces, sometimes back to the beginning. Yet when you land on a ladder you do the opposite, advance ahead a whole bunch of spaces, hmmmmm.

This game is surely a metaphor of life. I liken it to dieting. Going on a real dumb one that isn’t based in science is like landing on a cobra that sets you back in spades and bites real hard when you’re done. The same thing goes for the array of gimmicks out there too that take a bite out of your pocketbook when you fall for them. When I was young I landed on some snakes in this regard. The sad thing is you can’t pack the game up and go on with your day. You have to live with the consequences – sometimes it’s a yo-yo weight rebound, sometimes your confidence and self esteem get dashed, worse yet your metabolism could tank – exactly what you ever want to avoid. Many times all of these things happen.

I learned some hard lessons on that snake pit which are revealed in my book coming out in spring. Keep an eye out for it, won’t you? I’ll surely keep you apprised.

What we need to do is find ladders in our lives. That way everything will fall into place much more neatly. When’s that year coming on the calendar anyhow – The Year of The Ladder? I guess when we say it does!

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You and Food – A Love Story Worth Working On

February 14th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , ,

It’s Valentine’s Day and I got to thinking about love, hmmmm, food love, that is. Our relationship with food is more complex than you think. There’s more than a physical requirement to obtain nutrients. It goes much deeper than that. Food is tied to us socially and psychologically as well. I have been suggesting to allow all foods to fit in order to create a paradigm shift from “cannot” to “can” that will take the pressure off of your relationship with it. After that deep rooted preoccupations will begin to diminish.

Research shows that when goodies are hidden away from kids they will overindulge on them when found, setting them up with a bigger problem to solve if this scenario persists such as disordered eating. The same thing happens with adults too when food is forbidden. How counter intuitive is that? Very! Think about Eve and the apple.

That old approach of deeming some foods as “bad” creates a negative relationship with food. If it were a tale, for many it would read more like War and Peace rather than the Love Story. What we need to do is build a healthy relationship with our food. Take the pressure off. Unlike smoking that you don’t need, food is our body’s breath of life. You and food need to be good to each other. Stop the struggles, make up and be friends! Allow all foods to fit. Practice it, trust it, allow it, believe it, stick with it then see how your attitude shifts.

Nourishing our bodies should be something we consider sacred, not shameful. Eating food should bring joy, not unrest. What’s wrong with a little indulgence now and then? Eating is one of life’s simple pleasures. So, if you don’t already, learn to love your food more fully. Work on it. Cherish it. Honour it. Most of all, enjoy it. On this Valentine’s Day work on creating a deeper Love Story with your food and make peace with it.

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FLAT Like a Pancake…Ma’am

February 12th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , ,

Yes folks the dawning of Pancake Day got me pondering, hmmmmm. I was thinking about that test we Ma’am’s loathe most, but realize we need. Yes, I’m talking about monitoring and that dastardly mammogram. Good grief.

I have been at the age where sales people refer to me as Ma’am for a while now. This began about the age when my MD started scheduling my annual MA’AMmogram. (I stole this line from a comic’s routine – very witty).

If your bubbies weren’t sagging when you arrived, they surely will by the time you leave – FLAT like a pancake. I recall my last one…I checked in and waited as my heart fluttered nervously. Then the technician called my name and locked her steely gaze onto mine. I’m going in for a fun ride here. Someone’s in a cranky mood this Friday afternoon and it isn’t me……yet.

Ok, you get down to business and drop the dairies to get this over and done with. I know the drill, I’ve been coming here for many years now so get those jaws of life in gear so I can vamoose home. Surely a man has designed this machine because the technician uses an accelerator pedal on the floor to close the clamp on your poor booby….really, really tightly, FLAT like a pancake.

I’m in position for the first picture and the technician says “hold your breath”. Well my dear, it was hurting so much I was ALREADY holding my breath. Then comes the other “angled shot”. If the breast wasn’t dislodged from the pec muscle in your chest after the first picture, then this other view will surely do the job. UG.

The 4 pics have been taken and the song lingering in my head is “do your ears hang low, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow, can you throw them over your shoulder….” Do you remember that tune from days of old? Somehow it applies to this test, only it doesnt refer to your ears. My final thought as I leave is how that machine would make a great nut cracker…..

All joking aside ladies, it is not only important to monitor all aspects of your body but your life DEPENDS on it. Get out of the dark and go to your annual check up if you haven’t lately.

As another Pancake Day comes and goes think about whether you’ve been missing your annual check ups with the related tests. If your breasts are a little too perky because you missed your annual Ma’am-o-gram find that requisition and make the call. Time to get it into your calendar :-)

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Blah Blah Blah on the Winter Blahs….

February 10th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

I woke up this past Friday to new fallen snow and a gleaming white blanket adorning the great outdoors, ahhhh. Winter in Canada eh! I love the way it accents the tree branches like a picture postcard, even if the odd one looks like it may break off…. Then I saw an article in the newspaper which I skipped deliberately about the winter blahs. What gives? It must be a slow day in the newsroom again when normal winter weather takes up an entire page….

I can hardly wait for my workday to end to get outside for my daily walk. A walk in fresh snow livens my senses and challenges my muscles that have been dormant all day sitting at my computer. Ok ok ok, I get it as I trod through I’ll admit I may have a lingering thought or two of walking along a white sandy beach barefoot in Hawaii. So I’m human too.

We can all use an attitude enhancer to keep our moods from heading south this time of year. Just think about it. This is a perfect season to get things done. In my world, my manuscript is being polished and finalized as I write. Meetings are set up on my days off in the coming weeks with key coaches, designers, formatters and the like. I’m soooooo excited I could BURST.

So my possums, tune out the blah blah blah drone of those negative nellies and focus on something fabulous to help keep your chin up. And as far as the book launch plans go, trust me, you’ll be the first to know :-)

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Fruitarian Contrarian

February 8th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , ,

I read a few articles about the Fruitarian Diet. That regimen that includes Mother Nature’s Bounty leaving out 3 of the 4 of the food groups, hmmmm. I may rail on about getting your 5-10 a day of fruits and veggies daily, but a diet full of fruit and devoid of everything else  is well simply nutty. You certainly could use a few… nuts that is, just thinking about existing on such a narrow plan. Don’t you think?

Our body functions optimally when it gets all of the vitamins and minerals, macronutrients, water, fibre, the works every day. That’s what the manual ordered. There is not only a chapter on fruit but a variety of food choices to run our system best.

I read the biography of Steve Jobs and he was a self proclaimed Fruitarian. That’s what spurred the idea to call his company Apple. A plum of a business idea but his diet was simply incomplete.

This time of year some of us are itching to try something new. To consider a diet detour of sorts as we get antsy for spring. Well add a new food you haven’t tried perhaps, learn about it, how to prepare it and branch out your repertoire. That’s new without compromising your own well being while experimenting.

Sweet fruit for thought.

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Weight Gainer No Brainer

February 6th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

I did some reading about the two most likely culprits causing weight gain with no surprise – potato chips and soda pop. Hmmm tell me something that I don’t already surmise. This devilish duo cavort together like Bonnie & Clyde of food. MmmmMmm that dynamic salty, fatty, crunch hits those taste buds like a grand slam by Babe Ruth, while that icy cold effervescent pop washes it all down like a Niagara Falls spray on a hot summer’s day.

Let’s put this in perspective folks and keep our wits about us about these likely bandits. As I always say all foods fit, but if you’re worried about weight gain and consume these two regularly consider cutting back. I wrote a post about sugar and fat on January 23 putting in perspective that consuming too much of either can cause weight gain. This puts that post into a real world, real pseudo-food situation, which is where the rubber meets the road in life, right?

Who doesn’t have favourite foods chocked full of sugar, fat or both? I admitted to my pie loving relationship January 20 and I’ll also fess up that many moons ago in my young chunky days I loved potato chips and pop to the max. Ok, so I’m human.

Right out of the gate I’d suggest keep these in your diet, but less often, say once a week with an individual sized serving size, not the family pack. Next keep those club size behemoth packages from ever entering your pantry. When you bring the likes of these home, it WILL get eaten. Even though you saved money on the mega-pack there’ll be no calorie savings on that front. Your calories will be adding up like when a pin-ball is stuck in the pin-ball machine and the lights keep going off – ding ding ding ding… Ya a rubber dingy will be around your midriff in no time.

Next when it comes to pop, if you must, make it sugar free. Look at all of the calories you’ll be saving without compromising taste. That’s the easiest change you ever did make that’ll surely help your abacus when you’re adding this calorie scenario up for a loss. Have it as a treat too then if it’s a fizzy pleasure you’re seeking, enjoy mineral water with lemon and lime.

Finally don’t call any food bad, even this pair, cause when we do that, people who consumer these feel guilt, then we’re into those head games that are doubly hard to work out. Eating too much of anything is bad for you. We all do it from time to time. We just need to spread out those times and amounts to create a better balance.

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