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Sleep on It

November 4th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , ,

I do a lot of talking about food, eating and activity. With the time falling back this weekend it’s a perfect segway to focus on getting enough sleep.

Gaining a wee hour it’s a perfect time to sneak in a few extra zzzz’s, pretty please. One researcher from Ryerson University estimates that at least two thirds of Canadians are falling short on their ideal sleep-time targets. You won’t be catching up on this one weekend that bestows that extra hour into our day.

We need about 8 hours plus of sleep each night. Getting enough helps clear our heads, helps replenish our bodies and helps our weight. Researchers have found a link with falling short on your slumber could affect appetite and cue identification.

I get concerned when people get buzzed with excess caffeine from soft drinks to coffee or energy drinks to help burn the candle at both ends as deadlines loom. I fret even more that these habits are being started by the younger set as well. What might be tried once in a blue moon is one thing, but when these bad habits slip into regular routines hampering regular sleep patterns it is surely a cause for concern.

If you’ve been a buzz not meeting your sleep requirements, now’s a perfect time to take stock of your pillow talk. Something to sleep on, that’s for sure. Sweet dreams.

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Point, Shoot, Scan & Change

November 2nd, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

I’ve written about journalling your eating and weight loss journey. Here’s another idea that can also help by taking pictures of the food you’re about to eat before and after you’re done to capture those tasty morsels of food and drink. A photo account of your intake can help you become ultra aware of what you’re shovelling into your pie hole. This photo account of every sip, nosh, nibble and nugget you intend to consume allows you to become more aware.

Once a week review your photo gallery of consumption and decide how you can do just a little bit better in the week to come. Can you try using a smaller plate perhaps? How about splitting a serving of those fries? Consider buying smaller pieces of meat than those gi-normous ones you’re used to getting? Aim to fill half of your plate with veggies. Go for no cal drinks through the week. They might not look different in the picture but can add to your intake in spades.

I took part in a study that had the subjects do a photo diary of their eating for four days. Many made accurate deductions about changes they should make without even being asked. Gotta love awareness!!

You can point, shoot, scan and change your routine by moving your cheese a little each week, to a slimmer you.

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