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If Clueing in to the Cues is the Answer….

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If clueing in to the cues is the answer then what’s the question? The question I have begun to ask last week – those secrets of weight loss success. Honing in on hunger and satiety – those cues that affect our eating are so key.

I read about a study that looked at weight and study participants’ focus on internal cues versus external cues. Not surprisingly they found normal weight individuals are influenced by internal cues “ding, I’m full” and overweight subjects external cues “dong, my family-sized platter is empty”.

For those overweight individuals wanting to gravitate to “the normal weight camp” attention to internal cues is of paramount importance. You are not destined to stay overweight. With time and focus you can begin to realize that you might be eating past the “full” cue out of habit because you were taught to finish all of the food on your plate “because of starving children somewhere in the world”. Look, support those charities because helping kids is surely a noble cause. But finishing all of the food on your plate isn’t helping anyone, especially you.

Take a week to begin this awareness exercise and I’m confident that in time you’ll realize that it’s actually uncomfortable overeating day in and day out. In time you’ll actually put your fork down when you’re full. Over time you could lose weight just by cuing in to your cues. Really!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes….

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Supplemental Divide

November 28th, 2012 No Comments

A study results came out saying that the benefits of supplementing your diet with vitamins isn’t clear. We’ve heard the opposite too. We live in a society were we just want a pill to help fix things.

Some people think they can supplement and not pay attention to their diet, well nay nay I say! Eating a healthy diet tastes great and helps you feel great, that’s just fundamental. Limiting all of our risk factors helps us be as healthy as we can be too. It’s a no brainer. Various study results show a “red card” a “yellow card” or a “green card” on whether to supplement or not saying “nay” or “yay” to supplementation. I say why not play your cards right and stick to the basics.

Sure if you’re going through a super busy season supplementing while you’re eating on the run seems prudent. Let’s not rely on these as a crutch and take the default position to keep going down the slippery slope to nutrition nowhere-land.

Somehow we’ve always known – eat right, get and stay active, don’t smoke. These are the basics of health prevention that no supplement can ever hope to help. A real pill to swallow.

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Think About Your Drink – Fizzy Logic

November 25th, 2012 1 Comment Tags: , , , ,

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times “think about your drink!” If you want to make one worthwhile change in your diet here’s an idea to pour on: take stock of all of the drinks you consumer – the coffees, the teas, the soft drinks, the juices, the sports drinks, the flavoured waters, the smoothies, the wine, beer and spirits and consider making some changes. I hope milk is on your list – that one’s a keeper!

Do a rethink about what you’re pouring down your gullet? Did you realize all of the sugar and cream some of these devilish drinks have? Not to mention the caffeine, it all just gives you a buzz. Some add up to as much as 400 calories a serving, even more….

I enjoy drinking water, but then that’s just me. If you’re rethinking your drink consider trying sparkling mineral water with slices of lemons and limes. Add a sprig of mint and you’ve got a mojito going on – without the sugar, cream and caffeine but a great taste sensation and most refreshing.

In a world with a lot of fuzzy logic, this example of fizzy logic makes a lot of sense.

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I Scream About Screen Time

November 20th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Yet another study is out about kids, screen time, eating at the TV and weight, results being inconclusive. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to see hard and fast results to tell me something I already know intuitively:
1) zoning out hours on end watching the boob tube isn’t good for anybody except marketers
2) eating in front of the television while being zoned out results in overeating
3) getting active and paying close attention to your eating and cues is of paramount importance.

I remember decades ago when our household received the special delivery or our first colour television the excitement this caused. All we got were less than 10 measly stations, but we didn’t care. It didn’t take long to slide down that slippery slope of couch potatodom back then.

My Mom clued in to me and my siblings tuning out. Her mantra turned to “turn off that idiot box and get outside and play!” She didn’t need study after study to set limits with us, she was a trailblazer back then….especially if you didn’t comply, out the wooden spoon would appear…. Ya that’s her in the photo. Stay in her good books and don’t make her mad, that’s for darn sure :-)

Look folks, you know what’s right too. Set some limits and rules with the idiot box and free up your mind, body and spirit to get active. Your life could depend on it!

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Say “Ola” to Canola!

November 18th, 2012 No Comments Tags: ,

Everybody makes such a fuss about olive oil these days. Give Canola oil a try in your repertoire. There are plenty of what’s healthy with this slippery oil. There are heart promoting polyunsaturated fats with an equal dose of those monounsaturated fat too. You may not realize that canola oil has quite a similar lipid profile as olive oil without the designer price.

Do what I do, have both on hand. I use olive oil on salads when that fine taste helps my creations taste even better. I use my tried and true canola oil in cooking, sautéing, roasting and stir frying. It’s easier on the pocket book and high on health attributes.

Change your oil! Mix it up a little but use any oil in moderation.

Say “ola” to canola!

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If Muscle is the Answer….

November 16th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

If muscle is the answer, then what’s the question? Hmmmmm I had this thought when I took a walk today. And oh those squirrels are beefing up lately aren’t they? Seeing them got me thinking about the importance of continuing to be active through fall and into winter.

Which brings me back to my original question that I haven’t yet asked fully: what’s the secret to weight loss success and it’s maintenance? Yes that question of all questions. When I think deeply on this it’s the preservation and even building of muscle tissue. Not that “Molson muscle” that the squirrels have stored, or shall I call that “acorn muscle”?! But that muscle we get from moving and toning.

Muscle is your friend. When you have some it shows you actually move yours. Muscle is more metabolically active. At my age or any age, isn’t that what we want is for our furnace within to burn baby burn? Of course we do!

When I think about me in my aging state I know how important my activity routine is for many reasons – physically, mentally and more. Not only is my walking important but my calisthenic routine is even more important. Doing exercises that strengthen and tone keeping my core in check. Those muscles are holding me in like a self made Spankz!

So ask yourself this question and answer it by revving up your routine through fall and winter – ready, set, go! You’ll realize that muscle really is the answer.

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Want a hot tip? Download eaTipster!

November 14th, 2012 No Comments

Who doesn’t want a hot tip these days? When it comes to sifting through all of the rubble of unreliable information, we all just want that “diamond in the rough” of solid nuggets, don’t you think?

Dietitians of Canada just made it easier for Canadians to eat healthy everyday. Today the group released eaTipster – a free iPhone app designed to serve up a new healthy eating tip every day. The app is available in English and French at and it’s totally reliable, just what you’ve been looking for!

What can you do with the eaTipster healthy eating tips?
Get Them: Set daily reminders to receive new daily tips when you want them.

Read Them: Each tip is fortified with extra details backed by research.

Savour Them: Add tips to your favourites to digest later.

Serve Them: Dish up tips to your friends, share on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and text.
Download eaTipster free from today and receive a new healthy eating tip everyday. Pass it on!

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Measured Approach

November 11th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

How’s your fall wardrobe fitting? Has the cleaners “shrunk” your trusty work trousers? Perhaps that muffin top of yours doth “flow over” your belt because your balancing act went off kilter with the multitude of summer fun. If this is ringing alarm bells for you take stock!

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve fallen off the wagon. Do plan to get a handle on those handles though before all the leaves fall. A perfect place to start is taking a week to weigh and measure your food. Yes a measured approach that’ll add up to your awareness of how much you’re eating.

Start with Canada’s Food Guide and review the various groups, the suggested number of servings and the serving sizes. Take a few days and write down what you’ve been eating and drinking while weighing and measuring what’s going down the hatch. You might find that you’re missing out on some of the food groups perhaps. A significant number of Canadian’s fall short on their milk consumption plus fruits and veggies.

You may also find some of the food you’re choosing doesn’t have a food group to fit into because it’s so processed it’s far from food, like soft drinks for instance. Also if you find yourself eating outside of the home a lot those serving sizes are big enough for hibernating bears and provide way more food than you need.

Any time of year is a perfect time to take stock in what you’re noshing on. Get on the right track and scale back if you must before those skinny jeans that’re supposed to rock go bust!

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Motivate & Feel Great – Visualize the Prize

November 8th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

Have you ever wondered why you have tried to lose weight so many times yet never quite got there? Maybe deep down in your heart of hearts you don’t really believe you CAN do it. Your mindset might be your main barrier keeping you from succeeding. Hmmmm. Uh oh with the yo yo…

With so many plans there’s focus on food, on cooking, on label reading and more with rarely a mention of your personal beliefs. I read about a study that looked at visualizing success that could be the actual missing link you need to get there.

Take a few minutes each day to visualize the prize – you at your goal weight. Focus your thoughts going about your day ensuring you visualize your counterparts seeing you slim too. Might sounds so simple and even silly. Try it, you’ll like it! Make it work for you.

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Addiction Friction

November 6th, 2012 No Comments

There’s been a lot of food for thought on the topic of food addictions, don’t you think? Some experts commonly blame “the white stuff” – like white flour, sugar and salt touting that foods laden with these could be triggers for some. For some people their emotions drive their food response from Chunky Monkey ice cream, to nachos to French fries for comfort. While others have established obsessive compulsive behaviour with food, their weight and activity.

I don’t believe you can brush everybody with the same stroke because people’s relationship with food is as unique as their fingerprint. I do believe everyone can identify their personal eating repertoire through keeping a food journal. Your daily divulging the devilish details will be the beginning of sorting out your own eating mysteries.

Is Food the Thing?
There is certainly nothing wrong with ridding your routine of the white stuff moving your cheese in the direction of eating less processed food and drinks. Reading food labels, becoming aware of the restaurant food you choose plus what better is available is surely your ticket to your personal food-topia.

Identify the Emotional Ties
For some people the food’s the trigger and for others it’s the emotions. Which came first is the million dollar question? What’s more important is identifying your emotional connections and through journalling. Do weekly trouble shooting of how better to handle a similar circumstance the next time. Week by week, month by month of doing this detective work will help you build non food related responses into your repertoire. Life runs the gamut of emotions from happiness and joy to, sadness and disappointment, even boredom so the sooner you untie these knots that bind you the better.

Another frenzy of emotion that can affect eating is obsessive compulsiveness about food, eating, weight and exercise. These preoccupations can rule your life and suck your energy from your core. A perfect place to start is to break up with your scale. Yes you heard me right – hide it, pitch it, donate it or recycle it, if you tie yourself in knots about your weight, knock it off already. Successful weight losers monitor their weight by either weekly weighing (which I just told you to stop if you’re too hooked with your number) or by putting on some “benchmark” clothing, like those trusty blue jeans.

Next, through your journalling make a pact that all foods fit. Yes you heard me. So much of the dieting dilemma is that people don’t allow their favourite food then have established a long standing guilt ridden relationship with food. That dynamic’s gotta end. Don’t wait for the New Year. It’s all about building trust and taking the pressure off, pronto already.

Untying Emotional Connections
In time by dealing with these interlocking behaviour and disconnecting them will get you to your eating “happy place” by eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full most of the time. It sounds like nutrition nirvana, but is surely worth the time investment. It will result in your enjoying your food more plus spending your energy on constructive stuff that’ll fill you up and bring you joy.

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