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Thanksgiving Free for All

October 4th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

I love having a long weekend to take stock and focus on Thanksgiving, perhaps that’s why we get an extra day because there’s a lot to be so thankful for. Be a “cup half full” kind of gal and look on the bright side too. Living in Canada we’re free to do a lot of things, so let’s take stock and have a free for all:

1) Free time – even as our lives get so busy we all have free moments to reflect with a will to change for the better

2) Free thought – let your imagination run away with you to consider the possibilities of what could be, everything that is started out as an idea

3) Free day – embrace your day off with gusto for the opportunities that present themselves and you can create from there

4) Free ways – you only realize how free you really when you’ve visited a place where people aren’t; don’t take it for granted because you’re luckier than you realize

5) Free wheeling – have a hobby in life that’s your personal “get away” to let yourself go from the routine of everyday existence

6) Free for all – let out the child within by bringing back your innocence, creativity and ability to question the everyday

7) Freedom – free yourself from your own shackles you create that hold yourself back from being all you can be; sometimes we’re our own biggest barrier in life

Celebrate the weekend as you give thanks with family and friends and for family and friends. Bend, stretch and reach for the stars when you seize your opportunities.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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B Good

October 2nd, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

I had my annual visit to my optometrist last month. Now that I’m north of 50 age-wise I have added this assessment to my list to prevent issues. As I age I now need stronger reading glasses – bye bye 1.25’s or 1.5’s I’m now needing 1.75’s to read clearly – good grief.

We did have a chat about what other positive things I can do for my eyes to prevent problems. She told me studies show that getting those B vitamins in can help you prevent developing macular degeneration. These are abundantly found in those fruits and veggies I harp on about week after week.

I also heard that ceasing smoking and exercising regularly are also good for eyes. How wise? My vision used to be amazing, and now it’s normal for my age. If I don’t have my reading glasses I simply cannot read the written word in the newspaper, on food packages and on my computer without enlarging the font 150%. I can handle this normal change, but aim to do all I can to steer clear of eye diseases if I can. So be good to your eyes and do what you can to help. Bring on those b’s….

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