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Check Mate

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It helps to be aware of what’s in those foods that have a healthy image. You know what I’m talking about. People hear the word “chicken” and they instantly think it’s better for you, even though it’s fried in batter to make a nugget. The other is “salad” – people assume they’re doing a body good by chowing down even when there are cheesy croutons with a load of dressing. People also think “smoothies” can be drunk by the tubful. “Organic” is another one of those terms. Well listen up folks and be aware of those foods with a healthy image that have a health halo.

One of my favourite researchers – Dr. Brian Wansink studied these sorts of foods in the context of eating out. He found that people who ordered theses foods rewarded themselves with calorie laden side orders and drinks resulting in eating 45% more than they assumed, hmmmmmm.

People are eating out more and more these days. For some, one third of their meals are eaten out. Do yourself a favour before you get unpleasantly surprised by the number on the scale – check the nutritional information of the food you plan to order when you eat out. Who needs a bad surprise down the road?? Check the nutritional info mate, and you’ll be totally aware of what you plan to choose.

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Save Your Energy

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I recently found myself on a boat cruising down the Rhine River. There I met the epitome of obsessiveness in the flesh. She was a seventy something super fit woman forever in exercise clothes and runner’s scurrying around the mini track, lifting weights and more. Don’t get me wrong, I am not changing my tune about the importance of exercise, that’s for sure. Let me emphasize the importance of enjoying it while achieving balance in your life.

While on vacay I’m looking to catch up on my much needed zzzz’s, enjoying the cultural sights and sounds while still having some sort of grip on my regimen. On one day we barely finished lunch and the boat hit its stride while this lady circled the track at a dizzying speed to burn it off. What gives? I was getting a cramp in my side lying on my lounger just watching her.

At some point in the afternoon I moseyed to the gym walked on the treadmill, did my floor routine at a leisurely pace then relaxed some more. I guess we can all place ourselves on the obsessive scale to some degree or another. But if your routine cuts out the joy of your life and is all consuming of your energy you might want to shift your priorities to establish a better balance.

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Early New Year Goal Making

September 2nd, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , ,

September 1st is like an early New Year for me. Call me crazy but even though I graduated from university back in 1986 as each school year looms so does my mentality to take stock, review my progress and make a few goals to tighten the screws on my health and wellness.

I’m not a lover of those New Year’s resolutions that raise their ugly heads on January 1 each year. Any day of the year is a perfect day to pull up your boot straps, make some goals and take it up a notch either to eat just a little bit better, to aim to get stronger or work on being more consistent with your activity routine.

As months and seasons change I love making small changes to keep my routine fresh, interesting and lose the boredom. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Try a new move – whether it’s a bend or stretch, reach for the sky
  • Try a new fruit or veggie – try something local and seasonal you haven’t ventured into
  • Try to eat vegetarian 1 extra day each week – instead of meat as your dinner centre piece try eggs or cheese and pasta with beans
  • Try to get your zzzz’s consistently – get the rest you need to restore and regroup
  • Try to enlist the support of a buddy – a buddy can help you through the doldrums

With September upon us enjoy the last drips of summer as fall blows in. Capitalize on the best of each season as they transition. Aim to take it up a notch to a better you one eensy change at a time.

Happy New Day!

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