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Getting Acquainted With Our Roots

August 7th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

I recently found myself on a fun filled weekend celebrating my bella familia on the other side of the family tree. Out in the heartland of the prairies in Prince Albert (PA) Saskatchewan about 100 of us from four generations of the various branches converged from coast to coast. How fun!

We reconnected through golf, paintball, laser quest, hay rides, ATV treks, magician show, fireworks and most importantly breaking bread. The weekend was filled with highlights from start to finish. This city girl met the country in spades!

We convoyed to the original family homestead where it all began back in the 1800′s – a typical Canadian immigrant story that we often don’t think about in our busy lives. As we mulled around that lot, now the foundation overgrown with weeds thoughts of how they cleared the land to create the breadbasket that feeds the country crossed my mind. They travelled far from the Ukraine with hopes and dreams for a better life for their family that we are currently benefiting from to the max. There was no Holiday Inn Express back then. Nothing but miles of virgin land with a lot of potential and one another to make something out of nothing.

A somber thought for those of us accustomed to a fixed workday, amenities galore, fun filled leisure, opportunities left and right not to mention not remembering the last time we got dirt under our fingernails. I’ll tell you one thing if it were up to me back then with a mile square plot of land to clear and an ox the prairie story might have turned out very different.…. Being Italian there might be a few more paved roads out there though :-)

As the summer chugs along it’s good to take stock and appreciate where we are in life. Instead of griping about what we don’t have, feel gratitude for what our fore brothers and sisters endured who paved the road from our past to create our present. Yes it surely is a present, indeed. How blessed we are because of them? VERY, that’s how!

What gift will we bestow on our descendants as our present to them?

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Olympic Medalling

August 6th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I love that song “Silver and Gold” although out of season, these are currently in season in a different way with the Olympics in full gear – silver, gold and bronze. Striving to win requires a winning attitude with no holds barred. Each day you train is one less day your competitor can surpass you…maybe.

Olympians go for gusto. They are certainly not fair-weather participants. They push through barriers we mere mortals can barely fathom to improve their time, pass their competitor or land that jump without wavering.

Summer is a perfect time of year to take it up a notch – with lovely weather, longer daylight hours, long weekends to jump start your plans or holidays to rethink your goals. If your get up and go got up and went, time to find it and get in gear, don’t you think?

Consider jumpstarting your heart if you’ve been in a slump lately. Plan on extending your efforts into all of the seasons of the year, taking each day as it comes. As long as I’m able to move one foot in front of the other, I am committed to continue. How about you?

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Olympic Flow

August 2nd, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

It’s nice to be reminded by sport the importance of flow. You know the saying, “go with the flow”. Whether you need to follow the momentum or change it to win, flow is a fundamental in life that we would be wise to follow.

The saying “going against the current” which isn’t a good thing, strongly advises us not to. I was playing golf on this fine summer Sunday. Although some holes showed a better result than others I could sense a positive flow. The birds were chirping, the barn swallows dive bombing and the cirrus clouds brushed across high in the sky like a long stroke of a water colour.

There was an ebb along with the flow that won out this fine day. But the lesson of “flow” reminded me how important it is with sport and with life. Just go with it, and see where the flow takes you! It seemed to work for the Canadian rowing team yesterday :-)

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