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Wrath of Grapes

June 8th, 2012 No Comments Tags:

We found ourselves in the Okanagan Valley a short while ago taking in all that it has to offer…well almost. Looking to ship some of their wine-gems back to Ontario where it’s next to impossible to get, the hammer came down on our plan to courier a case or two home. “Cross border laws” dated back to 1928 was the reason and our vendor of choice Discover Wine was issued a slap on the wrist for their enterprising ways. What gives?!

To taste the likes of any of the BC wine is to love it. Billy Joel’s jingle “bottle of red, bottle of white….” can be my theme song of sorts. When asked which I prefer I simply don’t discriminate and say “yes” to it all. Sipping an icy glass of Joie Pinot Gris brings me joy. Swirling my glass of Note Bene gives me a bene note (a good night!). I’ll make a freudian slip with a sip of Therapy’s Superego or a giggle with a gulp of Laughing Stock. Jimmy My Pal is another old reliable from See Ya Later that’ll make me howl when shared with my friend Joan. There simply isn’t a wine from that valley I don’t love. Bring it all on for it’s Canada’s best kept secret. If you haven’t tried any you don’t know what you’re missing.

When I visit my local LCBO there’s plenty of South African, Spanish, Chilean, Italian, French, Californian (and more) wines to choose from. But I prefer wine from Canada’s desert valley most. Please don’t wait another 84 years to make a decision that we can get our hands on this liquid gold in every province. Get some progress in our so-called Progressive Conservatives.

“Only in Canada you say”, yes it figures and yes, “it’s a pity”. The last time I checked “cross border” meant going south to the US of A. Although my geography prowess isn’t always stellar, the last pop quiz I took on the subject, BC was one of the provinces of Canada…. or shall I say Cana-duh!

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Best Food Forward – Wonders of Walnuts

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Walnuts taste great and are wanderlust with goodness. They are high in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that could do damage to our cells. These are thought to be the precursors to cancer, heart disease and premature aging. Walnuts are high in fiber, protein and good fat.

Add a handful of salt free walnuts to your morning cereal, yoghurt or your salad. Use some when baking muffins or fruit crisps. Bring some to have as a snack. A small amount can make you satisfied to carry you over between meals.

I love ending a meal with the nutcracker a perfect exclamation point to sign off of dinner.

Let go of that notion that nuts are high in fat and shouldn’t be eaten. Walnuts and all nuts are naturally nutrient rich powerhouses that taste great, crunch when you munch AND stand by and protect us! What’s not to love?


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Heir Condition – Captivating Families to Be Healthier

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We all want what’s best for our kids, don’t we? We want them to be the fastest, the smartest, the best, and, of course, the healthiest. We want them to meet or even surpass their full potential.

It’s easy to forget that our ways are being monitored, memorized and mimicked by those copy-cat kids. After all, we’re their role models! Because your kids are integral in what you do, you can’t compartmentalize aspects of their life by wanting them to behave in a certain way while taking the willy nilly approach yourself.

Do yourself and your whole family a favour: integrate healthier habits into your repertoire. These will surely trickle down into the little tykes’ routine, in time. The best part is that you all win in the “healthy game.” On the food front, when you have a bit of extra time, do an environmental scan of your home. Look at the food available in your refrigerator, cupboards, and storage. How’s your fruit bowl looking? If “barren” is your answer, then plan to fill it up with Mother Nature’s bounty!

Do an assessment of your family’s physical activity. Perhaps you all need to go outside and play, not only on the weekends but weeknights too. It’s so tempting to become one with your sofa in couch potato-dom. Instead, make the outdoors your true kingdom!

Here are some other do’s and don’ts to get you started.

Do – Aim to get more active every season.

Don’t – Eat with distractions, especially in front of the TV.

Do – Work toward having more meals together as a family.

Don’t – Start any fad diets.

Do – Try a new easy, healthy recipe every few weeks and aim to cook more.

Don’t – Eliminate your favourite foods; enjoy them in moderation.

Do – Plan to make food choices using all the food groups: fruit and vegetables, grains, milk and alternatives, and meat and alternatives.

Don’t – Make excuses. Trust me, there are people worse off than you, so tune your attitude in.

Do – Get in the habit of reading food product labels. Knowledge is power.

Don’t – Take anecdotal advice. Just because Aunt Jane is a smart accountant, it doesn’t mean she knows squat about nutrition.

Do – Work together on this like a team.

So, as their key role model, you can help condition your heirs and lead your kids to a healthy place in life.

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Every Meal’s on Stage – The Eatery App

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There’s a phone app called The Eatery that helps people record and try to understand their eating habits, hmmmm. Users upload photos of the food they eat and rate it on a “fit” to “fat” scale then onlookers weigh in on their choices. Since it’s inception the app has tallied 500,000 meals from 50 countries with over 8 million ratings. Talk about awareness being bliss with a reality check on a stage worldwide!

It wasn’t surprising to hear that the eater rates 72% of the food they eat as more healthy compared with what the other people who pass judgement on their choices do. Who needs a finger waging dietitian to scold you when you use this app!!

They also found that users eat modestly in the morning then as the day chugs on so do the treats, the fast food with junk then alcohol late into the night from 10pm onward. The calories got emptier as the day wore on. With a pattern like that you’d never feel hungry in the morning, time for a routine paradigm shift.

I think we need an app called The Motivator as an antidote to The Eatery that provides constructive suggestions and feedback to the eater that they need to eat more breakfast especially food with protein to break that nutty noshing cycle to help them get on the right track. I guess common sense isn’t all that common….

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