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Put Your Best Food Forward – Tomatoes

May 13th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , ,

Some say “tom-A-to” some say “tom-O-to”. I don’t care how you pronounce it, I say include these in your diet any which way you can, whether fresh in salads, sandwiches or wraps, in recipes such as chilli, with dough-a-dear (that was posted a few days ago) or in the form of sauce with pasta. Tomatoes are tasty morsels that’s for sure and nutritional powerhouses to boot.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which when eaten regularly can reduce your bad blood cholesterol level – you know, those LDL’s. A half cup of tomato sauce can have this affect. So smother it on and enjoy the goodness while reaping health benefits all the while.

I made my famous Tomato Salad recipe (posted in 2010) to die for on Mother’s Day dinner I hosted. This is my benchmark staple that they have come to expect and enjoy when the generations assemble at my table. It was smiles all around the table. Mother Natures lovin’!

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Cherish Your Mom

May 11th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Moms are a gift
Silent soldiers I say
They put up with so much
While they make us obey

They watch us you know
When we don’t see them lookin’
They do plan ahead
With lots of chores and good cookin’

I don’t think they sleep
And they worry a lot
They lecture sometimes
Specially when some of us got caught…

Oh those life lessons they taught us
More important than from school
Helped us manoeuvre through life
Head of the house they do rule

They show us tough love
And don’t follow the crowd
To make us rise up
To stand tall and be proud

Honor your Mom everyday
She feathered your nest
She deserves a real medal
For I know, mine’s the best!

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Oh Boy – Dough!

May 10th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

No! I’m not talking about our city mayor. Dough is one food staple you should consider having around. I usually have a few in my freezer at any one time. It’s so versatile to roll out and bake with leftover cooked veggies with yummy shredded cheese on top. Perfect when you’re in a pinch for a meal idea.

Take last week for example, I had a bag of spinach beckoning to get used. Hmmm with some mushrooms, onion and garlic topped with asiago cheese – dinner for the pizza loving gods emerged with angels singing. See my pizza recipes in the Food Revolution section. These pies are to die for!

Get a load of all of the variations of pizza available these days, everything including the kitchen sink coordinates nicely. Serve with a side salad and you’ve covered all of your food groups in one go. Truly a perfect meal solution.

While I’m making a mess I routinely make two pizzas. The leftovers are divine for future meals (dinner or lunch) even breakfast on the go, if you must. It’s smiles all around and lots of “oh boy’s” with this dough boy, that’s for sure!

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A Few Key Steps to Bust Inertia

May 8th, 2012 No Comments

It’s a catch 22 when you’re stuck in a rut after falling off the exercise wagon for one reason or another. You feel lethargic and tired and unmotivated to get moving. You know, however, that doing exercise will give you more energy in time. The trick is to get moving when you’re tired to get that energy burst. You follow me?

Cast aside the charts with the recommendations for the time being, cause it’s time to start small when you begin to step it up. Find three, ten-minute intervals to get off your duff and move. You don’t need special attire, just some comfy shoes and resolve to do the hokey pokey already. Whether at work, at home or at a mall just get walking.

Truly though, any movement is a good movement whether you walk, garden, do household chores, grocery shop, mow the lawn or dance to your favorite tunes. Aim to do this 3-5 times per week, working it up gradually. Remember that it may take about a month for the positive effects to pay off when you suddenly feel more energetic. In time you’ll be craving to get moving every day and for longer if you can fit it in. But at the moment let’s just focus on today and ways to get started!

Successful losers say they walk to help them maintain their weight and do about an hour a day.

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Food Revolution Spinach Salad

May 6th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

I’ve been changing it up on the salad bowl department and trying to make that course more interesting. As much as I love a fresh, crispy salad I found myself doing the same old thing week after week. Change is good. As they say, “..variety is the spice of life!”

washed, baby spinach
sliced Spanish onion
washed cherry tomatoes
peeled, quartered and sliced English cucumber
washed and sliced strawberries
slivered, toasted almonds
handful of dried cranberries
salt and pepper to your liking
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

Prepare the ingredients in a suitable salad bowl. Before serving season and dress it to your liking. Enjoy!

It’s great keeping it interesting in the salad department. Change up your greens to the iron rich spinach, like Popeye used to eat to “build his muscles”. Adding fruit you have on hand with a nutty crunch tastes really divine, don’t ya think?

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Check Please! Dieting & Exercising Reality Check

May 3rd, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I get my eyeballs frosted when new diets come out with empty promises – fads fads fads. Some are unbalanced; some are too limiting; some are quite dangerous; while others are downright boring. We mere mortals have abandoned our precious traditions centered on food, cooking and eating with the aim to reach higher ground – a new nutritional nirvana. Well folks we’ve climbed to the top of the mountain and there’s nothing up there but the howling wind. You can’t find solace in

  • your jumbo mocha frappe tazze non fat latte with whipped cream on the top
  • a Happy Meal, no, you find the opposite after having too many
  • doing a cleanse which is what our digestive system is built to do anyways
  • eating on the run with a multitude of distractions
  • buying in bulk when we don’t have the cupboard space to store the stuff (we’re really saving now, aren’t we?)
  • allowing our kids to call the shots, rather than setting limits and doing things the old fashioned way.

Cooking is a lost art in our instant society. You can watch the drama of expert chef’s in extreme cooking episodes on your television with interest, yet pop a ready made dinner in your oven – and presto – “dinner’s ready”. Huh? Hey man, you don’t need to be Giarra in your kitchen. I cook dinner 4 nights a week and work full time. Everything’s straight up, straight forward, yummy and pretty easy to make. Trust me. When I entertain, the same rules apply. You won’t be finding any fancy soufflé’s comin’ out of my oven any time soon. I don’t serve happy appy’s before dinner because I want to be able to have an appetite enough to want to eat what I made. So I don’t fit in to the social circles, what do I care? It’s a simple system that works for me. Period.

And what about exercise, what’s up with that. All we need to do is put one foot in front of the other, repeat many times and there you have it – exercise in its simplest form. No, our society has to make a multi billion-dollar industry out of something that should also be so primordial.

  • There’s the special exercise equipment
  • There are the gym memberships
  • There is shoe after shoe – for walking, for sitting, for sauntering, for tennis, for hiking, for basketball for golf – yes an endless supply of shoes
  • Then there’re the special workouts – the 20 minute workout, Jane Fonda’s workout, the Flirty Fitness workout, then the dawning of palates, zumba and other new fangled ways of moving
  • Then there’re the special clothes and the Lululemon brand – I’ll tell you what’s lulu – all of this special stuff made to do what humans are already built to do – MOVE!

So get back to basics people and keep it simple.

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Best Food Forward – A Grain of Interest

May 1st, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I read about a study touting the benefits of incorporating whole grains in your diet. Changing from products made with refined wheat such as bread, cereal or noodles to those made with whole grains boosted weight loss by 35% and burned nearly 50% fat. Whoooa those are impressive numbers to sit up and take notice to change.

What’s even better about whole grains is they taste better than the refined stuff and help you feel more full because of the fiber content. Not to mention the improved nutrient content as well.

Check the label for whole grains to ensure you’re going with the grain. Try choosing whole grain bread, buns, wraps, crackers, bars and doughs. To help your family adjust to whole grain noodles mix the whole grain noodles with the refined ones and gradually change them over to enjoy them. Make at least half of your grain choices from whole grains. Enjoy!

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