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Gaining Traction on Weight Gain Wisdom

March 13th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

Continuing on the National Nutrition Month launched by Dietitians of Canada in March, T & T will feature yet another myth and bring you the truth.

Eating more calories than you burn makes you gain weight. It’s a simple equilibrium of calories in versus calories used. Listen up:

Myth 3 – Late-night snacking will make you gain weight. NOT!

Truth – Late-night snacking can lead to weight gain, but it’s not due to the time on the clock. The trouble is, after-dinner snacking can lead you to eat more calories than your body needs in a day, especially if you’re having high-calorie snack foods and sweetened beverages. If you usually get hungry for an evening snack, try eating dinner a little later. Still hungry? Sip on water with a squeeze of lemon, or go for small portions of healthy choices like whole grain cereal with milk, a piece of fruit, or plain air-popped popcorn.

Old habits such as late night snacking doesn’t need to tip the scale in an upward direction. Ensure your meal and snack pattern is consistent throughout the day and the bulk of the energy you take in is when you need it most. The bottom line is eating more calories than you need will cause you to gain weight.

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Food Revolution Ragin’ Rapini

March 11th, 2012 No Comments Tags: ,

It’s great having company over who come equipped with food offerings and recipes that are T & T worthy!! I asked my sister to whip this up for a family dinner we had some time ago. I don’t know why I haven’t ventured into the rapini department before. It’s a hat-trick of a side dish that tastes great, is easy to prep and is good for you. What’s NOT to love??

washed, rapini cut in uniform pieces
hot chili pepper
chopped garlic
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil

Prepare the rapini and parboil in a covered pot until cooked to your liking (crispy to tender). Strain and cool to room temperature in your serving bowl. Add remaining ingredients, in a fry pan, combine and cook for a few more minutes, then serve. Enjoy!!

I loving adding a new veggie side dish to my meal repertoire. I enjoy this veggie yet never realized how easy these are to make, until now. Apparently if you boil for too long this doesn’t taste as good. Thanks little bird!!

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I am Woman Watch Me S O A R

March 8th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Apparently it’s international women’s day today. I read about it in the paper and gave this notion more thought when I took my morning walk, hmmmmm.

Awwww women – we are one species with so much potential, yet we’re so misunderstood. We can have so much compassion and kindness then turn on a dime and be tough as nails. We run our lives our families lives and at times can run everybody else’s!! We are master organizers, perfect planners and thoughtful soul sisters.

In history we have come so far against all odds yet have so far to go. Here’s my list of ways we women can move ahead by getting out of our own dang way:

DO – give each other the benefit of the doubt

DON’T – sweat the small stuff

DO – make yourself a priority

DON’T – be a martyr

DO – say nice things that you truly mean to others

DON’T – gossip

DO – have a dream and make it come true

DON’T – keep second guessing yourself

DO – love yourself more

DON’T – try so hard

DO – be natural by being yourself

DON’T – go against the grain

DO – quiet those voices in your head

DON’T – keep trying to be like everybody else

DO – something to make our world a better place

Some of us spend so much time and energy over-thinking things and minding everybody else business when that energy surge is best used on being a better you. Yes today and everyday is woman’s day, because I said so!! I am woman watch me soar through my actions – the best way to make your mark onto our beloved world.

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Trade-off Turnaround – Getting the Juice

March 6th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

I thought I’d end my run of the Trade-off Turnaround series theme that began in November. I sometimes get a craw in my paw about juice. Yes a bevy with a halo for some.

I have told you many times that if you’re watching your weight I’d much prefer you to eat your calories than to drink them. Some people guzzle this back like there’s no tomorrow yet turn their noses up at fruit itself. What gives?? However, when tomorrow comes, drinking too much of anything good doesn’t make things any better. So, halo shmalo, whooo horsey on overdoing it, I don’t care what it’s got added into it!!

Here’s a fruit juice scenario:

  • Let say you routinely drink 16 ounces of juice every day, maybe more. Yes every 4 ounces is equivalent to 1 fruit serving, so you’re drinking 4 fruit servings worth – glug, glug, glug, glug, glug. You decide to cut that back to 4 ounces of juice each day and commit to drinking no cal bevy’s such as mineral water when thirsty PLUS eat that other 3 fruit servings – oh so yummy good!! These fill you up making you full faster, resulting in eating less overall.
  • The fruity routine turns nutty by adding up to 300 calories/day. The changed routine provides 75 calories/day. I have not calculated in how much less you eat when including more fruit, so don’t split hairs with me now :-)
  • This one change can result in a 23-pound weight loss in a year…maybe more! Hmmm now it seems so un-nutty it’s ridiculous!!

Ahhh trading off, we can do it with our money and can do it with our food choices too. It really all boils down to deciding to have what you really want, realizing you can’t have it all, or life would be totally nuts. Cutting back a little here and a little there doesn’t seem to create a huge dent to many. But slowly by slowly over time, all of the small changes can really add up without all of the pain you feel when you try to make too many changes in your diet regimen all at once. Give some of these ideas a try, will you, and let me know how it goes.


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Uh OH, Using the “O” Word

March 5th, 2012 No Comments Tags:

I’ve been mulling over study results whereby obese patients were asked their opinion on doctors referring to their weight status using various words and phrases. The word “obesity” apparently has negative connotations implying blame and fault on the person. It was even suggested to ask permission with the patient to bring up the topic altogether. Hmmmmm.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for calling a spade, a spade. I’m also for using the approach to tread lightly and be tactful on delicate subjects. I vividly recall when I was fat remembering my paediatrician giving me un-sage advice “just push yourself away from the table a little sooner”. Gee thanks doc!!

Ask any cancer patient and I’m sure they didn’t like hearing the “c” word when their doctor broke their diagnosis to them. In my view when a patient visits a doctor for an assessment or a regular check up will they ask permission to check the status of your heart, your lungs, your prostate?

In our world with multiple epidemics including that of obesity, I say find a term and use it, for that’s what you’re dealing with. Yes it is a harsh reality hearing that you’re obese, overweight, have extra weight or whatever, but for goodness sake professionals need to broach the topic and set up multiple supports to help your patients. Pussy footing around the issue isn’t going to help, it will simply help perpetuate the denial around it if you don’t.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumour last fall. She’s accepted it, she’s been operated on for it and she’s fighting it. We’re all given a hand of cards in this card-game of life that we’re meant to deal with. I’m sure she’d much prefer getting an “o” diagnosis, but she didn’t. Sometimes life’s a bitch and we just have to deal with it.

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Cleansing the Concept of Detox

March 4th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , ,

March 2012 is National Nutrition Month, launched by Dietitians of Canada. This year’s brilliant theme is Get the Real Deal on Your Meal and they’ll be busting up common food and nutrition myths with their corresponding truths. The campaign is dispelling 39 myths with truths (so visit their website noted on the right listing). Now’s the time to get our food and nutrition facts straight!!

Now more than ever, there is a plethora of nutrition information at our fingertips. Deciphering what’s truth from fallacy is a challenge for many.

Dietitians were polled across Canada to submit the most common myths they hear from their clients. There were numerous submissions and the need to choose those most popular as there was a lot of material to choose from. Over the coming weeks this March T & T will turn the spotlight on the weight loss and diet myths:

Detox Paradox - It’s time to cleanse the concept on doing detox, don’t you think? Everybody knows someone who has tried it or is planning to go on a cleanse. I say, “stop the madness”!! Our body’s digestive system function IS to cleanse you already. This intricate system with myriad of enzymes to break down what goes in, absorb the good and excrete the bad and the ugly is what our system was built for.

Myth 27 – A detox diet is a good way to clean out the toxins in your body. NOT!!

Truth – There is no scientific evidence to support the need for detoxification diets. Detox diets claim to “cleanse” your system of toxins, but your liver, kidneys and intestine already do that for you. Detox diets typically involve fasting followed by a strict diet. Frequent fasting or fasting for more than a few days may cause unhealthy side effects such as headaches, dehydration, low blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat. Some detox diets include intestine-clearing supplements that might actually be harmful. Your best bet to keep your body healthy is to eat a daily diet based on Canada’s Food Guide.

So, if you’re considering trying detox, cleanse your mind of this nasty notion, because your body is detoxing as we speak…..

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