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The Christmas Yoooo Hoooo

December 13th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

So have you started into the pity pudding yet, the nuts, the cakes, the cookies, the martinis and more?? Time to get your head on straight and do a “yoooo hoooo” before you wake up with a big “booooo hoo”. You know me by now, all foods can fit. Oh ye Christmas does only come around for thee, oh once per year. You wouldn’t want to ruin all of your stealth eating efforts after the clock strikes 12 come New Year’s.

Just like you’re planning all aspects of your holiday fun, from outfits, to food, to gifts and more. Give yourself the best gift of all and do a bit of planning around your own personal noshing and exercising so the only thing you’ll be tipping on New Year’s is your waiter, not your scale.

Refresh yourself by doing a re-read of some of the segments of T & T’s Successful Loser Logic category from last December. Hey, when you do what successful losers do, you can only win, right??!!

There simply are some foods around this time of year I am truly going to enjoy. I love my Mom’s shortbread crescents. They melt in my mouth like butter… Maybe it’s because that’s what they’re made of!! Decide what’s part of your Christmas eating season and make plans to enjoy them. All foods fit, right? Let’s keep in mind a few hard and fast rules to help you toe the line to some degree. Here goes:

  • DO plan to wear a smashing outfit to your party, with your waistband in tact.
  • DON’T tell yourself you can’t eat your favourite foods, cause you’re just gonna give in and binge 2 times more.
  • DO have a snack before you go to your party, to help curb your appetite.
  • DON’T start drinking those bottomless glasses of wine, that seems like 1 that’s really 5.
  • DO keep track of your bevy’s and plan to enjoy a few then graduate to mineral water with lime.
  • DON’T try to make your hostess overjoyed by overdoing it. You’ll be paying in spades if you do.
  • DO get a handle on the menu ahead of time so you can plan your indulgences according.
  • DON’T skip, skip, skip your exercise cause that gald dang energy equation will bite you in your butt if you do.
  • DO enjoy yourself and your family with the season, cause it only commeth once per year.

So before you get too knee deep in the Christmas fun, give yourself a loud Yoooo Hoooo cause you’ll be happy once you doooooooo!!

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Trade-off Turnaround of Your Cuppa Jo

December 12th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

Ok so you’re a coffee hound, who isn’t these days? Building on the series of Trade-off posts I thought it would make sense to focus on our hot bevy’s now that Jack Frost has blown into town. Here’s a scenario:

  • Let say you have a long commute to and from work each weekday and enjoy a frappuccino to sooth your nerves while driving home. Well take out the abacus folks because that could add up to 209 calories a pop. Given you routinely sit all day at work, followed by a long drive home (sitting) then vegging at night (lounging) you decide it’s time to trade-off!!
  • Here’s the deal: You decide you’ll treat yourself to 1 of these coveted bevys each week (say on Fridays) and choose something enjoyable yet calorie free such as herbal tea or a coffee, the other 4 days each weekday.
  • The first case scenario provided 1,045 calories/week. Your wise trade-off change-up provides a mere 208 calories/week. Good thinking!!
  • This one change can result in a 12-pound weight loss in a year if sustained the whole time!

Bevy treats seem so benign, yet can pack a calorie punch right in the gut like George Foreman when you don’t even realize it – KA-POW. I don’t know very many people who drink to satisfy hunger, do you? But they certainly are food and add to our daily energy intake like anything else we put in our pie-hole. If you are a lover of calorie laden drinks, you might want to do a rethink and do some trading off if your tummy jiggles when you laugh like a bowl fully of jelly.

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Dreaming of a White Christmas….

December 11th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

I was thinking about a white Christmas as I undertook making my gnocchi that I’ll serve Christmas Eve, hmmmm. A white cloud of flour poofed out of the bag as I got the production line rolling. And yes, I will post the recipe in case you want to try to make these devilishly, dense, dough balls.

How are your plans coming along? Are the decorations up; dinner plans made; shopping done; presents wrapped, doorbell changed, truffles rolled? I took a walk today and Jack Frost was certainly nipping at my nose, and toes and any skin exposed!! A perfect way to get in the holiday spirit and burn a few extra calories as I head to dinner at my folks.

Whatever your plans, ensure you make them on your terms. I have recently been blessed with not 1 but 2 half time jobs. Back to sleepless Sunday’s and panic attacks as the synapses in my brain are firing on all cylinders. So filling in Christmas cheer amongst this new work sphere will need to be simplified to help keep the peace as life’s balls get juggled all the while.

I was treated to a lovely dinner at my Malteser and cherished friend’s last week. A perfect kick-off and therapy for what will be about to unfold in the coming days. My good friend Joan’s coming over this week among other holiday parties that’ll help set my compass where it needs to be.

So stay in the moment folks. Make the most of each prep day and aim to simplify things if your blood pressure starts rising. Your own personal joy will be what you make it, that’s for sure. Make it right and altruistic for you. Enjoy!!

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Nan’s Food Revolution Quick Chicken Dinner

December 8th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , ,

I snuck in a dinner with my folks – Nan & Pop’s and left with a container of leftovers plus this recipe for the blog. How great is that? VERY!! My Mom’s a master at the fast, easy, delish weeknight meals (and all meals, for that matter). Here’s a perfect dish to try which can be made many different ways.

I love finding precious moments with the people I love. It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to make an occasion special :-)

2 washed and chopped celery
2-3 washed and peeled diced carrots
1 peeled and sliced white onion
3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut in bite size pieces
canola oil
1 can (10 oz) low fat, low salt cream of mushroom soup concentrate
1 can (10 oz) low fat, low salt cream of chicken soup concentrate

pasta or risotto to your liking, plus 1 chicken soup bouillon cube

shredded asiago or parmagiana cheese (as desired)

Add oil to your pan, heat to medium and sauté the vegetables to soften. Add the chicken pieces and cook on low heat until done. Add in the cans of soup concentrate. Simmer on low until the sauce thickens, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile prepare pasta or risotto for each person to your liking. Add your starch of choice either into the chicken and veggie mixture or spoon the dish over the cooked pasta or risotto.  Serve hot and sprinkle with grated cheese as desired.

Nan divulged that if your mixture is too thick for your liking add a smidgen of skim milk and simmer.

To me food this is fab is double delish and easy to prepare which is the best food of all; especially on a weeknight. I’m going to try this recipe with added peas to change it up a bit. See what you have on hand and use your imagination. Like I always say, there’s a 1,000 ways to do the same thing right! It really tastes great. Thanks Mom, you’re the best!!

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FIT Happens!!

December 6th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

Perhaps you’ve heard this saying used in a different context, hmmmmm. But when it comes to your own wellness, it will certainly improve as you aim to get more fit. So yes, FIT does happen.

There are a multitude of ways to get yourself to simply move more. Ever wonder why Goody-2-Shoes in your department has the highest sales record while Sammy-the-Shortcut has the lowest? It could be because Goody plans more face time with key people instead of texting and e-mailing. She works in stealth moving that adds to her fitness scorecard to boot.

I find moving from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ is a perfect way to mull over what’s going on in my life and it allows me time to search for ideas. Thinking might be an action word (verb) but for me thinking while walking not only gets me more fit but helps me find solutions!! How great is that? VERY!!

I have suggested many times to find 5 minute here and 10 minutes there a few times a day, everyday, then voila, bit by bit, step by step you’ll end up in better shape. Just getting some air while revving up your circulation after a prolonged sitting session can contribute to you becoming more fit AND productive. And that’s a good thing.

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Taking TWO – 2nd Helpings Without Waistband Worries

December 5th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

I used to be a tennis player way back in the day, so the term “taking 2″ had a different meaning. But at the dinner table taking 2 could involve having second helpings.

It helps to be strategic about those glorious second helpings of the lovin’ spoonfuls if you want to avoid getting some lovin’ handles from overdoing it.

Remember that it takes your brain about 20 minutes to register to your tummy that it’s starting to feel full. You know that ole satiety cue that we’ve had enough already. Fast eaters can eat way past the “full button” to an overstuffed mode in a heartbeat.

Before your meal, drink a tall glass of water and eat a piece fruit. Call me Curious George, but I nosh on a banana as my pre-meal muse bouche. That gets my blood sugar level out of my boots and in a mode where I feel more in control….and in a better mood :-) If I’m feeling super hungry I’ll add in something with protein, such as a glass of skim milk or a small handful of salt free nuts.

When it comes to dinner time I can take second helpings of the veggies if I please, yet keep the protein portion of the meal to 1 serving. If there are leftovers, they get delegated to future meal plans for dinner or lunch.

This sort of taking 2 will serve as one of your stealth tips to keep a handle on your weight AND your love handles.

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Heir Condition – Captivating Kids to Be Healthier

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We all want what’s best for our kids, don’t we? We want them to be the fastest, the smartest, the best and of course the healthiest. We want them to meet their full potential.

It’s easy to forget that our ways are being monitored, memorized and mimeographed by those copy-cat-kids. After all, we’re their role models!! Because your kids are integral in what you do, you can’t compartmentalize aspects of their life wanting them to follow a certain regimen while letting yours run off the rails.

Do yourself a favour, build healthier habits into your repertoire. These will surely trickle down into the little tykes, in time. The best part about that is, you all win in that healthy game.

On the food front, when you have a bit extra time do an environmental scan of your home. Look at the food available in your refrigerator, cupboards and storage. How’s your fruit bowl looking? If “barren” is your answer, then get to the market and fill it up already!!

Do a self assessment of you and your family’s physical activity. Perhaps you all need to go outside and play, not only on the weekends, but weeknights too. It’s so tempting to become one with your sofa to couch-potato-dom from now to spring.

So, help condition your heirs, and get in the act of being a perfect role model to lead your kids to that healthy place in life.

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Trade-off Turnaround – Sit-a-Thon Rethink

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Sitting, sitting, sitting. We spend much too much time, sitting. Think about it – many of us do it while driving, working, lounging, dining and dare I say when we’re “powdering our noses” in the louvre. All we seem to do is sit. So, continuing on the theme of trading off started last week I am turning the spotlight on to sitting.

Ok so here’s a perpetual sitter’s scenario:

  • Let say you are blessed with a desk job and sit on your butt the entire day except to powder your nose or go to your car. You catch a glimpse of your back-side in the reflective glass door of your building thinking you’re being followed, then realize that is YOUR butt. You decide PHOOEY something’s gotta change. You decide to find 3-10 minute walking intervals everyday.
  • Adding this new move to your routine will burn an extra 1,050 calories/week.
  • Doing this over an entire year can result in a 15 pound weight loss in 1 year! That butt and all of you will become more toned too!

What I love about this is how moving your booty a little may make you feel so good you may want to do it even more. Ahhh the benefits of moving our bodies they way it was intended – it gets our blood flowing more quickly helping us feel energized and rejuvenated. No energy boosting drinks are needed for you!! There are numerous benefits of moving more. Find a few times to work in doing something such as walking every day. By chunking the time down to 10 minute intervals, say 3 times each day can helps you fit it all into a busy schedule.

If you are a chronic sitter, consider standing up to deliver, and get moving!!

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