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Let the Blogging Begin…

March 18th, 2010 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

Welcome to Thick and Thin Blog, run by Toronto-based registered dietitian Francy.

Did you know that you make over 200 subconscious decisions about food and eating every single day? Imagine!! What we eat is only the beginning — we also have to make instant decisions about where to eat, how much to have, who to eat with and more. Paying closer attention to these decisions can help curb weight gain and control the appetite.

The blog provides practical tips, tricks and advice to help you make better food decisions for successful weight loss or weight maintenance. It’ll also highlight the latest food trends and nutrition research to help keep you informed. I’ll need your help too — this blog is based on user feedback! I’ll routinely post thought-provoking questions and your answers will begin the dialogue. Me, you and the community of foodies will weigh in with thoughts, answers, compassion and advice.

Today’s question: What are the toughest food decisions that you struggle with today?

My challenge from yesterday : should I or shouldn’t I have just one Norman Love confections my devilish sister sent for my birthday?? Hmmm one will equal the calories of one of the miles I walked. Then one will end up as two…Get out of the kitchen and get busy.

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